Fans rejoice when Nanao “poses on the rocks in a bold black swimsuit”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice when Nanao “poses on the rocks in a bold black swimsuit”!

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Nanao celebrates her 33rd birthday. The bold swimsuit she has been posting since the day of her birthday is very glamorous (Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro)

Actress and model Nanao has been getting a lot of attention for her “daring black string bikini” on her Instagram account. She is wearing a black bikini and her legs are draped over a rocky beach, boldly exposing her curvaceous hips.

Nanao has been uploading photos of herself at the beach for the past few days, starting with a post reporting that she celebrated her 33rd birthday on October 28. Her fans are delighted with her beauty. The photos are full of Nanao’s charms, such as posing and swimming in the ocean.

The photo that became the talk of the town was one of a series of posts. Turning her body sideways, Nanao drapes her legs over a rocky beach and shows off her healthy legs and buttocks to her Insta-followers. In the past, Nanao has posted her workouts on Instagram, and her beautiful legs are probably the result of her strict body control. The way she stares at us and the sunburn marks on her chest make her look very glamorous. What an “irresistible” photo!

In the movie “Hell’s Garden” released in May, she played the difficult role of a yankee office worker, and in the drama “Tokyo Mer: Emergency Room on the Run” (TBS), which started airing in July, she played the role of Natsume Kuramae, a talented nurse who is well versed in emergency medical care. The drama received a series of high ratings. The drama received a series of high ratings, and the average household rating for the last episode was an astounding 19.5% (Kanto area, according to Video Research).

Furthermore, it has attracted a lot of attention from overseas. In the spring of this year, she was selected as one of 14 women around the world who are “elegant and independent in various fields” in the “Crossroads Project” launched by Giorgio Armani. “She also appeared in VOGUE HONG KONG, where she was praised in online articles with headlines such as “Goddess,” “10 heads,” and “43-inch beautiful legs. It’s only a matter of time before she becomes popular outside Japan as well.

At the age of 33, we look forward to seeing her take another leap forward!

  • Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Afro

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