U.S. Authorities Support “Corona China Lab Leak Theory”! Chinese Government Cover-Up Told by Exiled Female Researcher | FRIDAY DIGITAL

U.S. Authorities Support “Corona China Lab Leak Theory”! Chinese Government Cover-Up Told by Exiled Female Researcher

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On February 26, it was reported that the U.S. Department of Energy had determined that the new coronavirus had most likely leaked from a laboratory in China. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Department of Energy stated so in a classified report. In June ’22, this magazine “FRIDAY” became the first Japanese media to conduct an exclusive interview with Dr. Yan Limon, who defected to the United States. Dr. Yan used to be engaged in virus research at the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong, a world-class research institute in virology, and conducted the initial investigation of the new coronavirus that broke out in Wuhan at the end of ’19. However, when he announced, among other things, the possibility that the new coronavirus was not of natural origin, he was pressured by the Chinese government and defected in April ’20. The full text of the interview is reproduced below.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese government are responsible for the global pandemic, which has not been contained for nearly three years now. The Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government are responsible for this, but they continue to spread fake news beyond people’s recognition to cover it up. It is a tactic peculiar to China called “super-limit warfare,” and they are suppressing the facts that I transmit. I would like everyone in Japan to know that.”

Dr. Yan Limon, who was responsible for the initial investigation of the new coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and later defected to the United States, accused that the virus was artificially created in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. He was the first Japanese media to give an exclusive interview to FRIDAY.

Dr. Yan Limon was interviewed exclusively by FRIDAY. Even while living in exile in the U.S., she says she always takes care of herself.

She is still under pressure from the Chinese government, but what kind of life is she leading in the U.S.? From the interview, we learned that the Chinese government is still sensitive to Dr. Yan’s comments and actions.

The order to change her fate came on December 31, 2007. Dr. Yen, who was engaged in virus research at the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong, a world-class research institute in virology, was assigned to investigate a coronavirus that was spreading in Wuhan. The University of Hong Kong has been working on a study of infectious diseases in the Asian region.

The University of Hong Kong has a responsibility to report to the WHO on the status of infectious diseases in Asia. However, Dr. Yen’s superiors, all of whom were highly respected virologists, told him to stay out of the case and that he would be erased if he tried to get too involved.

As a virologist, I found my supervisor’s decision very unacceptable. The situation in Wuhan had already shown that it would cause a global pandemic.

The evidence from the investigation also showed that this was not a naturally occurring virus, but an artificially created one. At that time, this information had already been passed on to the office of Party General Secretary and State President Xi Jinping. In other words, the Chinese government decided to cover it up.”

Later, in January ’20, Dr. Yen revealed to the world for the first time through the Chinese-language media that the virus was “a virus that can be transmitted from person to person. After that report, the increasing pressure on her and her relatives from her superiors and the Chinese authorities led Dr. Yen to decide to defect to the United States in April of that year.

She said, “During the 14 hours or so that I was on the plane from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, the Chinese authorities contacted my parents in Qingdao as well as my friends from kindergarten through college. They also provided false information to the U.S. authorities that ‘Yan had been abducted’ and asked them to take me into custody.

When I arrived at the Los Angeles airport, FBI agents were waiting for me along with Customs and Border Protection officials. I was prepared for all hell to break loose, but after explaining my background and history in detail, they made arrangements for my safety. I realized that the U.S. is a country that values facts and evidence. Thus, I was able to board the plane to my final destination, New York.”

The Chinese government’s obsession with Dr. Yen was bizarre. Even from the U.S., they were eager to bring Dr. Yen back to China.

First of all, his parents in Qingdao began to call him incessantly, demanding that he come home, and he had no choice but to cut off contact with them. Dr. Yen, who was born in the midst of the one-child policy, suffered psychological damage from the lack of filial piety.

Her husband, who was also a colleague at the University of Hong Kong, came to the U.S. and frequently tried to bring Dr. Yen back. Dr. Yen sensed the presence of the Chinese government behind her husband’s actions and was forced to say goodbye to him.

But that’s not all,” Dr. Yen said. The Chinese government used every possible network and even used American researchers to pressure me into silence. After I defected, I appeared on Fox News and criticized the Chinese government’s cover-up, but there was a wave of harassment against the host of the interview, Tucker Carlson.

From September ’20 to March of the following year, Dr. Yen published three papers on the new corona. They were noted as the “Yen Report,” which accused the virus of being man-made.” In January-February 2009, the WHO entered the Wuhan Institute to investigate.

Since the release of the report, social networking sites and other global information platforms have been flooded with information denying Dr. Yen’s character.

The Chinese government is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of misleading information that prevents people from understanding factual information about the coronavirus,” said Dr. Yen. But there is only one set of facts. Fortunately, a global network of like minded physicians is enthusiastically supporting me.

I don’t know if it will be 10 or 20 years from now, but the day will come when my report will be used to help verify the pandemic. For that to happen, I must do my best to do what I can now.

Dr. Yen continues to live in exile as he looks forward to that day.

From the June 3, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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