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Magic Mirror Found in the Bar’s Restroom Discovered and Caused a Stir!

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A magic mirror installed in the restroom of a bar allows women to see through to the women’s restroom.

A magic mirror allows you to see the inside of the women’s restroom. This is an outrageous situation, but it actually happened in China.

According to a report in the mainland Chinese media “Red Star Newspaper” on January 14, 2023, a mirror in the lavatory of the women’s restroom in a bar in Guilin City, Guangxi Province, was in fact a magic mirror. On the other side of the magic mirror was a men’s restroom, just above the urinal, from which one could peek. This was discovered when a video of the scene was posted on the Internet on January 13.

The video shows women in revealing clothes grooming themselves in the mirror. They were unaware that they were being watched from the men’s restroom.

In Japan, this would be a big deal, but not so much in China, because it happens all the time. A Japanese risk management consultant living in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, who is familiar with the crimes in China, says, “In China, people use magic mirrors for bad behavior.”

“In 2018, a magic mirror was placed in the bathroom of a bar in Beijing, and in 2021, a similar device was placed in the bathroom of a VIP room in a bar in Guangzhou, causing problems. To encourage self-protection, videos instructing people on how to identify magic mirrors are even posted on social networking sites.”

It is only natural that they would be exposed if they went to such great lengths, but why would they do this? The consultant continues.

“This kind of trickery is common in members-only establishments. They are bars, but they are more like clubs, where women hired by the bar entertain the customers. Only people with a certain status and money can become members, so even if a woman’s privacy is violated, it is usually not leaked to the public. In this case, it is likely that there was a dispute with the store or the woman, or that someone with a grudge against the store exposed it.”

In China, there are many cases of voyeurism by hidden cameras.

“The magic mirror is still a mild thing,” he said. The worst are hidden cameras. They are placed in places where women are unprotected, such as hotel rooms, private restrooms, and fitting rooms in clothing stores.

In 2019, a small camera with 4G communication capability was planted in a fitting room at a UNIQLO store in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. These cameras are as small as a button, so if you are not careful, you will not notice them. Such cameras are easily available in China, either on the Internet or in electronics stores.

In any case, this is a crime. In the past, an employee was arrested for installing a spy camera in the restroom of a Japanese company’s factory in the suburbs of Shenzhen, and the local newspaper reported it under his own name.

Common sense is dangerous. It reminds us of a tagline from an NES game.

In China, it is easy to obtain small security cameras used for spy photography. The product on the screen costs 1,350 yuan (about 26,000 Japanese yen). It claims 12 multi-functions such as high-speed wi-fi connection, high image quality, and wide angle ( from the sales site).
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