Extreme women without underwear…often a hot topic on You Tube! The real power of “Thailand’s Sexy Beauties Food Stall | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Extreme women without underwear…often a hot topic on You Tube! The real power of “Thailand’s Sexy Beauties Food Stall

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Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand

Standing in the kitchen in a daring dress is Ms. Peach from the street food restaurant “Kai Yoke Clock. Peach is the owner of Kai Yoke Clock, an authentic Issan (Northeastern Thai) restaurant in Pattaya, which opened in the fall, as well as the main restaurant in Rayong. The restaurant has been very successful, with his dancing and fluttering cooking skills being featured on YouTube in Europe and the United States. The restaurant is so popular that customers line up before noon.

In Thailand, sexy food stalls run by women like Ms. Peach are often spread on the Internet and make news, and YouTube personality TJ, who has covered many food stalls for his YouTube channel TJ Channel Thailand, explains why.

One reason is to create a buzz. Around the time of Corona, there was a trend of food stalls with women wearing sexy clothes spreading through social networking sites in Thailand and becoming popular. Women who were confident about their looks copied this trend and started wearing sexy outfits one after another, and there was a time when the market was saturated. However, no matter how beautiful and sexy the women are, if the food is not delicious, customers will not become repeat customers. Nowadays, only good restaurants that are popular among local Thai people remain.

What I felt when I interviewed these women was that they are all genuine chefs. Some have been in the business for a long time and others are just starting out, but their passion for cooking is genuine. My first impression was that the women were forced to wear costumes by the owner, but all of the women I interviewed were owners.

Unfortunately, I cannot introduce you to the taste of the food, but just the fact that these beautiful women are serving you real Thai food must obviously raise your spirits. Let me introduce you to these women.

Ms. Peach at an Issan restaurant.

Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand

Kai Yok Clock, introduced at the beginning of this article, has been open for only two months (at the time of filming), but it is still very popular, with a long line of customers waiting in line. The image of Ms. Peach in a sexy outfit, fluttering her arms in the air as if she were dancing, has become a worldwide buzz on YouTube. Ms. Peach says, “I started the restaurant because I love Issan cuisine, som tam (salad made with green papaya), and I wanted people to know how wonderful Issan food is. He also sells beauty supplements, and is a very successful businessman as well.

Mr. Piano at his mango-selling stall.

(Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand”)

Mr. Piano sells mangoes at a small night market in the suburbs of Bangkok. She used to work as an event companion promoting alcoholic beverages and other products, but she has been running this stall since the fall of 2009 when she lost her job at Corona. Because of her profession, she is used to wearing sexy outfits and personally likes to do so. As for the reaction of customers, he says, “Some people take pictures, but not many people stare at me.

Ben at Chicken Noodle Shop.

Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand

Ms. Ben runs a chicken noodle store called “Quitiau Gai Na Soi” in the suburbs of Bangkok. She says, “I started out in front of my house, but when I couldn’t accommodate any more customers, I rented a place and started a full-fledged business. The secret of the restaurant’s popularity is its buffet-style, all-you-can-eat topping system, which she says she wanted to try herself when eating chicken noodle soup. The customers can add as many meat and vegetable toppings as they want, so everyone piles up their bowls and becomes a “Ramen Jiro”. He said, “If you come to Japan as a tourist, please come and try our ramen.

Olive at the baked goods stall

Image from “Thai News Cross Bomber

In the fall of 2009, when the COVID-19 crisis had not yet subsided, Olive (23 at the time), who ran a baked sweets stall in Chiang Mai, caused a stir on the Thai Internet news. She was attending nursing school while working at the stall and selling clothes online, but her income from online sales plummeted due to Corona. This was a big hit on social networking sites, and Olive became a household name. Since then, she has been running her restaurant in a shirt and apron.

Ng Ai at the Bitter Melon Chicken Noodle Shop.

Image from “Quitthiau Gai Tung Malajai Krang Muang” Facebook

The signboard girl of “Kuittiau Gai Tung Malajai Krang Muang,” a bitter melon chicken noodle store in the center of Phayao Province in northern Thailand near Chiang Mai, is Eun Ai, who has been a hot topic on social media since around 2008 and recently posted a sexy image on the store’s Facebook page. The restaurant has a good reputation for its delicious food. However, there is also a post saying, “I went there, but I’m sorry I didn’t find my girlfriend there.

Mr. Peach. Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand
Mr. Piano. Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand
Mr. Piano. Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand
Mr. Ben. Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand
Mr. Ben. Image from YouTube channel “TJ Channel Thailand
Olive. Image from “Thailand News Cross Bomber
Ms. Un Ai. Image from “Quitiau Gai Tung Marajai Krang Muang” on Facebook.

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