Sneaking into the 22-year-old tradition of the “Cat Conference” was a world of nyan-tameness and freedom! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sneaking into the 22-year-old tradition of the “Cat Conference” was a world of nyan-tameness and freedom!

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The author Akiko Ikeda created Dayan in 1983. More than 100 titles have been published.

Please vote for meow, everyone!

February 22 is “Meow, Meow, Meow” Cat Day.

Many cat-related events are held in various parts of Japan on this day, and every year a cat conference is held at “Wachi-Fildo,” which is known for “Dayan,” a popular Japanese-born cat character.

The first cat conference was held in 2002, and this year, the 22nd (nyan-nyan), the first real cat conference (online) was finally held for cats, by cats, and of cats.

The meeting started exactly on time. The surreal development of 21 cats being shown on the screen. ……

A cat meeting held via Zoom. Wachi-Firdo” is a fictional world where Dayan lives.

A real cat conference. There were three items on the agenda this time.

First, in order to get a hint for the development of “goods that cats really enjoy,” we asked cats to choose their favorite colors. Specifically, the cats were asked to choose which of the following colors they would respond to best: green, yellow, blue, and cherry blossom.

The second attempt was to ask the cats to choose which animal toy they actually wanted to play with. Here, too, we showed videos of a mouse-shaped toy, a snake-shaped toy, and a bird-shaped toy in action, and the cats voted on which one they responded to the most. The toy that received the most votes was the bird-shaped toy.

In addition, the third is the most important: the selection of this year’s cat chairperson.

List of Past Cat Chairpersons

When the Cat Conference began, it was held at “wachi-fulldos” located throughout Japan. Wachihurudo is the setting for fantasy novels and picture books created by Akiko Ikeda, the creator of “Dayan,” and the company and stores of the same name that plan, manufacture, and sell character products throughout Japan. The method of voting and the theme of the cat chairperson election have changed over time, with recent years seeing the solicitation of photos via social networking services. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Wachi-Furudo, and the theme is “Cheering Leader.

The kitties voted by watching appeal videos of the nine cats selected for the final selection. The votes cast by the cats and the votes of their fans will be combined and the new chairman will be announced on March 17. Fluffy was chosen by the cats at the Cat Conference, but who will be chosen as the chairperson?

Fluffy, who received the most votes at the cat meeting.

The meeting ended after about 20 minutes.

If the cats got tired or bored, they were free to take a break or leave the meeting. So during the meeting, there were some that escaped, some that looked at the camera, and some that were sleeping.

Tsumire-chan who escaped during the meeting
Kala who fell asleep

The first real cat meeting was very free and peaceful.

  • Reporting and writing Aida Pudding

    A broadcaster who has been drifting in and out of the TV and radio worlds for more than 15 years

  • Photo provided by WATIFULD Corporation

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