EXIT Kanekika Daiki continues to appear on TV shows despite the “Ralphie Riots” because of “Yoshimoto Kogyo’s follow-up”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

EXIT Kanekika Daiki continues to appear on TV shows despite the “Ralphie Riots” because of “Yoshimoto Kogyo’s follow-up”.

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EXIT’s Hiroki Kanekika has been linked to a man believed to be “Luffy,” the ringleader of a series of robberies.

Daiki Kanekika of the comedy duo “EXIT” has admitted that he and a man believed to be “Luffy,” the ringleader of a string of robberies, were arrested together in the past for theft, but it does not appear to be a major problem for his work.

He has appeared on “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji TV) on February 15, “Abema Prime” on February 16, and “Wide Nah Show” (Fuji TV) on February 19, all in succession as the “man of the moment” on programs dealing with news. Although some of his commercials were removed and an event for a luxury brand in which he was scheduled to appear was cancelled, he seems to have returned to his former “successful” self.

He is not called on because he is an expert on the news, but because he is the voice of the young core audience and is sought after for his viewpoints. I think they want to attract younger viewers by broadcasting the candid opinions of young people.

However, the other day, when a Chinese person bought an uninhabited island, he asked, “Do Japanese people not find their own country attractive? If people overseas are attracted to it, I would say, ‘Thank you,'” he commented, causing a stir.

Despite the controversy, on the 19th, Kanekika appeared on the Wide Nah Show while Hitoshi Matsumoto was absent due to health problems. Since it was right after FRIDAY reported Masanori Hamada’s infidelity, it was surely a very high-profile broadcast episode.

As you can see, Wide N’ Show is a program with Yoshimoto Kogyo as a production partner, partly because Mr. Matsumoto and Koji Higashino appear on the show. Mr. Matsumoto does not want to appear on the Widener Show, which has too much influence and must comment on the news, and he avoids it by changing his appearance from weekly to bi-weekly and banning clipped articles.

In the meantime, the shadow of “Yoshimoto’s color” has not disappeared, as evidenced by the appearance of atsushi Tamura, who wants to be a regular on an information program. I believe that they are actively allowing Mr. Kanekika to appear on the show because they know that if they go into self-restraint mode now, “it will definitely take time for him to come back. There are many talents who sign contracts with agents in search of profits, so I feel that in recent years there is a strong will that the company will definitely protect them if they belong to Yoshimoto Kogyo,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

(A wide-angle source) When Yoshimoto Kogyo makes presentations to public organizations, it is written that the company produces 5,000 TV programs a year and holds 10,000 events a year. Naturally, there are also theater appearances, and recently, “BS Yoshimoto” was established.

The comedians belonging to the EXIT class, who also appear in commercials, must be extremely busy, and they are sure to make huge sums of money. Yoshimoto would like to avoid EXIT’s “disappearance” at all costs.

Although his relationship with a senior member of a delinquent group in Hokkaido has caused such a big commotion, he may be able to overcome this headwind with the support of his fans and Yoshimoto Kogyo on his side….

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