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RG and Yoshio Kojima Are Her Guesses! TV Man Explains the Surprising Face of Akinori Sasaki

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Joyman likes it too!

The WBC is scheduled to start on March 8, and the sports news has been full of stories related to Samurai Japan every day. The key to the long-awaited victory will be the “monster of Reiwa,” Akinori Sasaki (21), who last year became the youngest player in history to pitch a perfect game, forming a golden starting lineup with Yu Darvish (36), Shohei Otani (28), and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (24).

Sasaki has been called “the man who never smiles,” due to the hard look on his face at the draft meeting. His appearance on the variety show “Shabekuri 007” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) this year was a shock to the TV world.

There was a scene in the program where he was asked to do one of Joy Man’s tricks, and viewers who witnessed the bashful expression on Sasaki’s face said, “Akinori Sasaki is being baptized in variety” or “Is this black history? ” …… We talked to a person involved in the TV industry. The answer was surprising.

He is very popular among men and women of all ages. There are many TV programs other than sports programs that want him to appear. There is a real competition for his schedule, but whether or not Sasaki accepts an offer to appear is actually determined by a surprising condition. The main factor that determines whether or not Sasaki gets an offer to appear on a TV show is “whether or not it has a comedic element.

In fact, Sasaki is an unrivaled lover of comedy.

It is also interesting to note that Sasaki’s favorites are not the most popular comedians of the moment, but rather the more experienced ones such as Razor Ramon RG (48), Yoshio Kojima (42), and Joeyman.

He said, “We once had Sasaki appear on a comedy special, but the comedians on the special were all so-called ‘one-hit wonders’ and the people around COPY00 said, ‘We didn’t have much of a budget for Sasaki, even though he was on the special. I’m not sure how much money they had to spend on the show. But that’s not true. It was all at Sasaki’s request. When I met the comedian, I was nervous, but in the end, he left the studio with a big smile on his face, saying, “That was fun! He left the studio with a smile on his face.

The comedians that Sasaki likes have one thing in common.

All of them were successful between 2007 and 2009. He started playing baseball when he was 9 years old (2011). Perhaps it was the comedy shows that made him smile before he started baseball.

At camp, he surprised everyone involved by throwing a 160 km/h fastball, and scouts from the major leagues took notice of his pitching in the WBC.

At the WBC training camp, Sasaki wowed Darvish, a senior baseball player, by saying, “My fastball, slider, and fork are all great. If he can silence his opponents with his nasty pitches and relax the Japanese national team with his comedic side, he is sure to get a step closer to regaining the V.

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