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Fuji’s New TV Program “Pokapoka” Gaining Popularity

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Tasuku Sawabe (36) of “Poka Poka” MC “Halaichi. Perhaps due to the program’s abandonment in January, Sawabe’s leaving the show for other work while it was on the air has also become a hot topic. ……

On February 2, Shinobu Sakagami (55), who had been the MC of “Viking” until last spring, made a live appearance on “Poka Poka” (Fuji TV), making a “comeback” to Fuji’s daytime information program for the first time in 10 months.

However, the average viewer rating was low at the 1% level. At the behest of Koichi Minato, 70, who took over as president last June, “Pop UP!” was terminated early and “Pokapoka” was launched as a key initiative. In addition to Sakagami, we put a lot of effort into it, booking big-name guests such as Bakusho Mondai,” said the director of a production company.

The MCs were the 30-something “Haraichi” and former NHK announcer Aika Kanda (42), who is active in variety shows. The program has been greatly reorganized, including a change in charge from the Information Production Department to the Variety Group. Household viewer ratings have remained in the 1% range, but the station’s reputation among industry insiders is not bad.

The MC skills of “Halaichi” are shining through, such as when the comedian Yuuki Iwai (36) makes the audience laugh with his corrupt character. Kanda’s comments on the show from his own unique worldview are also interesting, and as a former NHK announcer, he is able to keep the show moving smoothly. The casting is aggressive, too, with the use of Rei Shirakawa (20), daughter of Koji Takanohana (50) and Keiko Kono (58), and Niyo Katsura (36), both of whom are stars of the show, which will be a big selling point if they break out.

It was reported in some quarters that Yoshimoto Kogyo had tried to promote Hiroyuki Yabe (51) of “Ninety-Nine” as an MC, but Fuji decided not to hire him, which has prevented popular Yoshimoto comedians from appearing on “Poka Poka. …….

It is unnatural that the only Yoshimoto comedian in the program, which is produced by the variety team, is Gori (50) of “Garage Sale” fame. Perhaps because of this, more and more talents from Watanabe Entertainment, the same company that produces “Halaichi,” are appearing on the show, and there is a risk that the show will become an inside joke. However, some say that preparations were originally underway for an April start during the reorganization season, but were changed to a January start at the word of the crane by President Minato. It is believed that preparations are hastily made now, and the real work will begin in the spring.

The staff is also very capable, with popular broadcasters Kensaku Sakai and Hidenori Okitsu, who worked on the station’s popular program “Trivia no Izumi,” which once caused a huge boom, serving as brains for the project. Fuji’s seriousness can be felt.

The “Poi Poi Talk,” which delves deeply into a single guest, is like a Reiwa version of “Laugh It Up! It’s like phone shocking. The staff members make the rounds to the major entertainment agencies, saying, “Whenever you have promotional work, we’d love to have you on the show! The three MCs and other members of the cast talk about the guests in an “impressionistic” manner, which is similar to the “morning comedy show” that has been successful as a “morning comedy show. (TBS), which has been successful as a “morning comedy show. (TBS), a successful “morning comedy show” (laughs). Lavit! was also unpopular right after its start, but it has become a very popular program as the program’s color has spread. If “Poka Poka” can master its current lineup, it has the potential to become the king of daytime programming.

Following the successful dramas under the Minato system, will “Poka Poka” contribute to Fuji’s revival?

From the February 24, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photographed by Shu Nishihara

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