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Teleto Aiuchi & Nhk Aoi, Ex-fuji Hisashiro & Harukun’s Blissful & Relaxing Date Photos

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TV Tokyo’s Aiuchi and Katopan, who also joined the company in 2008. They spent three hours together at a crab restaurant in Azabu Juban (Minato-ku).

A surprising couple was born.

The February 15 issue of Bunshun Online reported that TV Tokyo’s Yuka Aiuchi, 36, and NHK’s Minoru Aoi, 42, are married. They entered the family register last year and are already living a newlywed life in an apartment in Tokyo.

Aoi is one of NHK’s most anticipated announcers. Her grandfather is the founder of the department store Marui, and she graduated from Keio University. He is currently an anchor on the news program “News Watch 9. I hear that he has a calm atmosphere and has many fans among female viewers.

Aiuchi, on the other hand, won the runner-up prize for “Miss Rikkyo” and joined TV TOKYO. She has a wealth of experience in variety shows as well as hard-core programs such as “World Business Satellite. According to “Bunshun Online,” the two have been dating for a long time, and Aiuchi is said to have gushed, “I love his smell.

FRIDAY” has often witnessed married female announcers on dates and offline. We would like to introduce their happiness with these treasured photos.

Living together with a popular YouTube star

Anna Kushiro and Haru-kun walking together under one umbrella, taken in March 2009.

In December 2008, former Fuji Television announcer Moemi Kushiro (33) announced her marriage to Harukun (27), a You Tuber six years her junior. This magazine caught up with the couple in November 2007, before their marriage, when they were living together halfway through the year. Here is a look back at that time (some parts have been corrected).

In the early afternoon of November 9, a couple emerged from an apartment in an upscale residential area in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. The woman in the mask was Hisayo, then an announcer at Fuji Television Network.

The tall man next to her, who is the object of some envy, is a You Tuber named “Harukun,” who is all smiles as he monopolizes the smiles of the popular female TV announcer. He has formed a unit called “Kita no Uchishitatachi” with a partner named “Fewt,” and has released videos of them performing “wotagei,” or “wotagei” (wotagei), dancing to hit songs. He is a popular YouTube star with more than 1 million subscribers.

Harukun and Kushiro started dating around October 2007. He and Hisashiro were in love, going on Disney dates and living together half the time at Harukun’s house,” said an acquaintance of the two.

(According to an acquaintance of the two, a popular YouTube star earns a lot of money and meets a lot of celebrities and famous people.

Harukun” has a good friend who is the president of a venture company, and he often meets celebrities at drinking parties hosted by him. It seems that he met Anna Hisayo at a party held by the president.

The magazine spotted the two looking lovey-dovey as they went out under a shared umbrella in the rain. They continued to date steadily and ended up making the goal.

The photos show the fullness of the women’s private lives, which cannot be seen on TV. I wish them a long and happy life together!

NHK announcer Mayuko Wakuda chatting with a friend in front of the venue of the wedding party. The groom, a former Ekiden (long-distance relay race) runner, next to her looks like actor Hayato Ichihara.
NHK announcer Maho Kuwako and actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa, who got married in September 2009.
Natsuki Taki and the man she has been dating since her college days, holding each other’s hands tightly as they head to Sky Tree.
Miku Natsume, who is a little late in following Hiroko Ariyoshi
Fuji’s Yumi Nagashima sharing dinner with her father Akihiro at a yakiniku restaurant. Married to an employee of the same station
TV Asahi’s Ayaka Hironaka, who announced her marriage to the president of a venture company in September 2010
At a Halloween event held in Odaiba, Ayako Kato appeared in a witch costume. She attracted the general costumed crowd by puffing out her chest. Her partner is a top executive of a company, photographed in October 2003.
In September 2004, Announcer Hiromi Kawada (far left) poses for a commemorative photo with friends in front of an Italian restaurant near Tokyo Station. Married to a man “in the music business.”
  • Photographed by Aida En Yuri Adachi Takayuki Ogawauchi Takao Kawakami Takao Yuzoku Takero Shima Sota Takahashi Tetsuya Nishi Keisuke

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