Mysterious Group of Harem Men Have Been Living a Polygamous Lifestyle for 23 Years. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mysterious Group of Harem Men Have Been Living a Polygamous Lifestyle for 23 Years.

A man who brainwashed a teenage woman into having sexual intercourse with him in order to avoid death was arrested on suspicion of attempted sexual assault.

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Shibuya’s home (top center), where the polygamous lifestyle was practiced. Fertilizer, presumably for gardening, was randomly placed on the premises.

“It was bizarre,” he said. “Because he has a large family, Mr. Shibuya drives the car and many women get into the car and go shopping many times. They would buy as many as 30 bags of bean sprouts at the supermarket.”

A man living in Higashiyamato City, Tokyo, told us. The man is a resident near the home of Hirohito Shibuya, 74, who is known as a harem man because he lives in a group with several women.

Shibuya was arrested on February 7. He was suspected of attempting to have semi-coercive sexual intercourse with a teenage girl who was invited to his home by his ex-wife, with whom he lives. He allegedly tried to brainwash the woman by telling her, “You have been taken by aliens.”

You will be taken away by aliens, skinned and eaten. The only way to avoid death is to have sexual intercourse with me.

The woman, who felt she was in danger, consulted the police together with her family. This led to the suspect’s arrest.

About 23 years ago, Shibuya began living a polygamous life, marrying and divorcing the women he lived with in a short period of time. He said it started right after he divorced his first wife in October 1999.

“I have had a few drinks with Mr. Shibuya,” he said. It was during the time when he had his first wife. I had the impression that he was telling a lot of lies, saying things like, ‘When we built this house, a U.S. military jet flew low overhead to greet us. He also talked about religion and said, ‘I want to be charismatic.’ It was only after he left his first wife that women began to gather. Some of them were young women wearing mini-skirts.”

Shibuya was also arrested in January 2006 for threatening a woman who refused to join the group. In an interview with this magazine conducted while on probation at the time, he said, “There were also women who left me once.”

The women who had left the club once came back, saying, ‘I feel more comfortable here after all.’

We have sex. (The content is quite normal.)

How was Shibuya able to continue living in this mysterious group for 23 years? Criminal psychology specialist Yasuyuki Deguchi, head of the Department of Child Psychology at Tokyo Future University, explains.

He says, “He must have kept the women in a state of mind control. It is thought that he used both candy and a whip, using a lot of threats while at the same time allowing leniency. The women may not have questioned the situation they were placed in, and they may have found emotional stability by living together with their assailant.”

Even after Shibuya’s arrest, the women continue to live in a strange group.

Shibuya was arrested again in January 2006. In an interview with this magazine conducted while he was on probation, he said, “I earn my income from the women’s part-time jobs.”
The women still ride bicycles to and from their part-time jobs. They do not respond when we call out to them.

From the March 3 and 10, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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