‘I didn’t quit because of FRIDAY! Ambitions of the hairdresser who is the talk of the town for recreating Hiroshi Inaba’s hair style. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘I didn’t quit because of FRIDAY! Ambitions of the hairdresser who is the talk of the town for recreating Hiroshi Inaba’s hair style.

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Mr. Yoshida is a hair stylist who is popular for his “Inaba Hair. His own hair style is, of course, Inaba hair.

A young hairdresser is attracting attention for his unusual service: he can make your hair look exactly like B’z vocalist Hiroshi Inaba. There is a young hairdresser who is attracting attention for this unusual service.

Mr. Shun Yoshida, who works at “nex the salon coall,” a beauty salon in Omotesando, has been a hair stylist for five years this year. Although still in his 20s, he is a hardcore B’z fan. His love for B’z is so great that he has started a service to completely recreate Inaba’s latest hairstyle, which has created quite a stir on social networking sites (all statements in parentheses below are by Mr. Yoshida).

I got into B’z because of my mother’s influence. Ever since I was a child, the music was always playing at home, and I naturally became a fan too. Now I can recognize any B’z song by listening to the intro for one second. I always check out their live performances and magazines, and I have more than 20 items at home, including clothes and shoes that Inaba wore.

He uses a cut and color technique, which he says is a trade secret, to recreate Inaba’s latest hairstyle. The course fee is 18,700 yen (tax included) and takes about two hours. Mr. Yoshida shrugs, “I really wanted to set the price at 178 (Inaba) yen, but the company got mad at me.

What was difficult was to balance the ‘common sense of cutting’ and ‘Inaba’s style. For example, when it was common sense to comb the hair to reduce the amount of hair, I would intentionally leave it where it was to make it look heavier. After I became able to make such small adjustments, people began to comment on the high quality of my work.

I didn’t give up because of “FRIDAY The reason I didn’t give up was thanks to “FRIDAY

A man who actually experienced the course. The man’s original gray hair is utilized and even Inaba’s signature highlights are recreated (from his Instagram).

Mr. Yoshida’s “Inaba hair” is now a hot topic. However, there were many difficulties before it took root.

In today’s hairdressing industry, it is common practice to advertise one’s specialty on one’s social networking service. Because of this, specialists have already been decided for each genre, for example, “This person is the best for hair straightening,” and when I started, there was already no room for me. After much trial and error, I found “Mr. Inaba’s Hair.

The service was launched last spring. At first, it was an “alone” challenge.

It became a bit of a topic of conversation among B’z lovers, but nothing at all,” he said. Only about one or two enthusiastic fans came to see me each month. I thought it was a bad idea, and I was also worried about what people around me would think. However, having someone who only needed me, even if it was only a few people, made me feel that being a hair stylist was fun for the first time.

Besides, it was also thanks to “FRIDAY” that I didn’t quit. A few months before I started my service, I happened to have a chance to meet Mr. Inaba. At that time, we were wearing the same shoes, and we got to talking, and I even got him to sign my phone case. But that was no coincidence. When Mr. Inaba was featured in “FRIDAY” before, I had identified the shoes and bought them (laughs). I got the power from God himself, so I knew it would definitely work out.”

A phone case signed by Inaba himself. This one is not a commercially available one, but Yoshida’s own creation using his favorite photo.

By doing what he loved “as selfishly as he loved,” the number of customers gradually increased. Now, on average, he receives an order a day from one customer. When asked about his future goals, he replied with a fresh smile.

One of my seniors advised me that I should cut while singing B’z (laughs). (Laughs.) That is still under consideration, but I would like to increase the variety of cuts in the future. Right now I can only do five or six patterns, but I hope to be able to meet more detailed needs so that more people can enjoy Inaba’s hairstyles.

She will continue to “RUN” toward her dream.

Mr. Yoshida spoke enthusiastically about his passion for the “outside part of the hair”. He promises to continue his love for B’z and spread “Inaba’s hair” to as many people as possible.
  • Photo Takero Yui

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