Also in the spotlight in the popular film “silent”…! Yuki Inoue: “I wanted to be like Shun Oguri. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Also in the spotlight in the popular film “silent”…! Yuki Inoue: “I wanted to be like Shun Oguri.

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In Reiwa’s first Ultraman, “Ultraman Taiga” (TV Tokyo), he played the main character, and in “silent” (Fuji TV), which became a hot topic after recording the highest number of views on its streaming service, he passionately played the classmate of Minato Togawa, played by Takashi Suzuka. Actor Yuki Inoue (26), who is active at the forefront in his fourth year, says, “I never thought I would enter the entertainment industry until I auditioned.

His name recognition skyrocketed after appearing in the movie “The Youngsters of Dawn. Her first photo book “Now” (KADOKAWA) is on sale from February 3. Photo by Yuri Adachi.

I had wanted to become a hair stylist since I was in high school, but it wasn’t something I wanted to do, so I went to college. Around the summer of my third year of college, while everyone else was job hunting, I was the only one in a daze. A friend of mine, who couldn’t stand to see me like that, said, ‘Well, why don’t you try this? I had never thought about the entertainment industry until then. I had never thought about the entertainment industry until then, and during the first round of interviews, I just answered the interviewer’s questions while the other applicants around me performed tricks such as playing the guitar. I never thought I would be accepted.

However, he passed the first screening. Before the second screening, I was completely enthusiastic, saying, ‘I’m going to win the grand prix! What awaited Inoue was a loss of confidence.

The members who made it to the final round had a training camp. We went through various menus, but I wasn’t doing well at all in dance. I was good at soccer and swimming, and I had lived my whole life thinking that I was athletic and dexterous, but I realized that I had only done what I could do.

Inoue bowed his head to the instructor and began intense training. After the dance judging, he was so moved that he hugged the instructor and cried. He was awarded the judges’ special prize.

Inoue said, “Since I entered the entertainment industry, I have experienced many things for the first time. The filming of the movie “Bittersand,” in which I starred, left a particularly strong impression on me. I played a role in a scene where I was bullied, so I had to reshoot a take where I was sprayed with a bucket of water over and over again. It was frustrating not to do well. I was so immersed in the role that the co-stars and staff were very attentive to me. It was a hard shoot, but I think I was able to keep up because I was aware of my own clumsiness after trying my hand at show business.

He had no interest in the entertainment industry until he auditioned, but the only person he was aware of was Shun Oguri (40).

When I was a kid, I watched the dramas “Boys Over Flowers” (TBS) and “Hana Zakari no Kimitachi e – Ikemen♂ Paradise” (Fuji TV) with my mother, and I admired them as cool. I noticed how great Oguri’s action was in the drama “CRISIS” (Fuji TV). For example, his kicking. I thought I was kicking forcefully, but when I watched the on-air version, I felt like I was kicking weakly. Mr. Oguri kicks lightly, but the power of his kicks is very different. You have to learn how to present yourself, your physical strength, your facial expressions, and so on. Someday I hope to be able to act like Mr. Oguri!”

Breaking through many barriers, he continues his rapid march forward.

In the drama “Bride Less Than Escaping” (TV Tokyo), which aired from the beginning of the year, he gave a fine performance as a single father who is rocked by a love triangle.
Unpublished feature: Yuki Inoue, “I wanted to be just like Shun Oguri,” a direct interview with a notable actor!
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Yuki Inoue “I wanted to be just like Shun Oguri” A direct interview with a notable actor!

From the February 17, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photography Yuri Adachi

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