Rurei Miura, who was reportedly on a date for two consecutive days, reveals the true face of the “devilish tsundere” that male announcers don’t show on TV. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rurei Miura, who was reportedly on a date for two consecutive days, reveals the true face of the “devilish tsundere” that male announcers don’t show on TV.

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Rurei Miura, whose husband was reportedly raided. Behind her back, it was reported that she was dating a “handsome man”…

She has lost 3 to 4 kilograms in weight.

On February 10, Rurei Miura, an international political scientist, revealed this on Instagram.

Looking at this alone, many might have felt sorry for her, thinking that she was exhausted after her husband’s company was raided. However, in her private life, it seems that she has been taking what could be called “bold” actions.

In the “Josei Jishin” (women’s magazine) issue published on January 14, it was reported that Rurei had an arm-chair date with two other men on two consecutive days.

According to the article, on the first day, Rurei talked with a man for over two hours at a casual restaurant, and when she went outside, she walked arm-in-arm with him.

The next day, he spent time with a handsome young man at the bar of a luxury hotel, and on the way home, he and the handsome man were arm-in-arm and close together. On the cab ride home, she laid her head on the handsome man’s shoulder and looked at him, as if they were about to kiss.

Her husband Kiyoshi is currently under investigation by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office for embezzlement of a huge sum of money.

He is alleged to have invested 1 billion yen in a solar power generation project that is unlikely to start up in the future. 300 million yen has reportedly been returned, but 700 million yen still remains. If there is a case of personal misappropriation, Mr. Kiyoshi could be arrested and prosecuted.

If that happens, Mr. Rurei’s return to TV would be hopeless. At the moment, he is supposed to be absent from Fuji Television’s “Mezamashi 8,” but naturally, it will be difficult for him to appear on all programs. In short, he is awaiting the investigation by the prosecutors, and his fate will depend on the outcome of that investigation.

Rurei has a husband who is in such a big crisis, and she also has an elementary school daughter. Objectively speaking, one could say that the family is in a critical situation….

However, Mr. Rurei does not seem to have such an extraordinary mentality.

In a past appearance on “Downtown Now” (a Fuji TV program), Rurei was revealed by Toshihiro Ito, an analyst, to have a “true face” that when she gets drunk she talks a lot of dirty talk and is also a tsundere.

It is said that she is usually more “tsun,” but when Ito gets drunk and her head starts to hurt, she will say, “Are you all right~? Do you want me to order you some water? When Ito’s head hurt from drunkenness, he would say, “Are you all right? It is said that men fall in love with her because of this gap between her voice and theirs. She is truly a “devilish woman.

Rurei’s company told Josei Jishin that the two men on the arm date were longtime friends from work.

Rurei and her husband, whom she met while attending Tokyo University, have been on a celebrity-like elite path. However, “her husband’s company was raided” and “she refrained from TV programs. However, with her husband’s company under scrutiny, her refusal to appear on TV programs, and now this “arm-in-arm date” report, her well-established position may be on the verge of collapse.

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