Actor Masataka Kubota Shows off His Amazing Built on for His Role as a Genius Boxer Challenged by Ryusei Yokohama | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actor Masataka Kubota Shows off His Amazing Built on for His Role as a Genius Boxer Challenged by Ryusei Yokohama

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During a break in filming, Kubota came out of the gym in a sleeveless outfit while the other co-stars and staff were wearing bench coats and the like. He has been boxing for about four years. He looks like a real boxer as he takes on the challenge of filming a movie.

One day, when the weather was getting colder, a boxing gym in Edogawa Ward was filming a scene for the movie “Scattered in Spring,” scheduled for release this spring. The actor Masataka Kubota (34) emerged from the gym in the early afternoon. Kubota plays the role of a world champion boxer prodigy and rival of the lead actor, Ryusei Yokohama (26).

Kubota is the first actor to appear in the movie “Hatsukoi,” which was released in 2009. Kubota got hooked on boxing when he played a boxer in the movie “First Love,” which was released in 2009, and he started going to a boxing gym for his private life. 22 He also played the role of a boxer in the movie “A man” released in 2010, for which he won the 46th Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Supporting Role. He won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 46th Japan Academy Awards. (Film production official).

Speaking of Kubota, every time he appears in a drama or movie, his well-trained body attracts attention and becomes a topic of conversation on SNS and other social networking sites. His wife, Asami Mizukawa (39), is said to have played a role in helping Kubota maintain a body fat percentage of 5%.

Kubota used to eat nearly 40 “skinny boys” a day before he got married,” says Asami Mizukawa, 39. “Before he got married, Kubota was a picky eater, eating nearly 40 “Garigari-kun” a day,” says Asami Mizukawa, 39, his wife. However, his eating habits changed dramatically after he married Mizukawa. In fact, she posts homemade seasonings and nutritionally balanced dishes on her Instagram, and Kubota also claims that her picky eater has been corrected since their marriage. Mizukawa’s management of her diet is probably the secret to Kubota’s physical beauty,” says a source in the entertainment industry.

As Kubota walked from the car to the gym where he was shooting, he had two bottles of drinks in his hand. He says that since he started boxing, he has become more careful about his physical condition.

Recently, he has become known as “Kubota when it comes to playing a boxer. The owner of the gym where Kubota worked on the film was also impressed by Kubota’s boxing attitude and sense of style.

He was stretching and preparing carefully even when the cameras weren’t rolling,” he said. His form was very beautiful and I could sense his boxing sense, and he was as focused as a top pro. People with little boxing experience tend to be conscious of their hands when punching, but he is aware of the balance of his feet. Above all, he was a nice young man with a soft and polite manner (laughs)” (Hero Bando, representative of United Boxing Gym).

Yokohama, who plays the lead role, is making his first attempt at boxing. Kubota pulls Yokohama, who is a beginner, and Yokohama follows his back. Expectations are high for the birth of a new great tag team.

Kubota comes out of the gym with an unhappy look on his face during free time for filming.
Looking tired, he walks out of the gym.
Kubota heads for a break with his own bottle in his hand.
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