Rep. Gershwin’s Became a Drifting Member of the Diet as the Police Led Him to File a Damage Report –He Is Now Uncertain About Returning to Japan in March | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rep. Gershwin’s Became a Drifting Member of the Diet as the Police Led Him to File a Damage Report –He Is Now Uncertain About Returning to Japan in March

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Councilor Gershey “snapped” at police response, and his return to Japan in March may be off the table… (from his official YouTube channel)

The police are moving in earnest to arrest Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” a member of the NHK party.

In a live broadcast on Instagram, Mr. Gershey revealed that he was told by his lawyer, Hiroki Takahashi, who is in charge of the case, who is filing criminal charges against him. He said that 11 damage reports were filed, three of which were accepted.

One case is actor Go Ayano for defamation. Another was Rakuten (Chairman Hiroshi Mikitani) for obstruction of business, he revealed, and the others were not named.

In his delivery, Rep. Gershey said that the police have been contacted extensively by celebrities and personalities he has exposed in the past, requesting that they file “damage reports.

According to Gershey, the police have contacted actor Arata Mackenyu repeatedly asking him to file a “damage report. However, Mr. Kensuke did not want to get into further trouble with Mr. Gurnsey, so he turned the matter over to the police through his lawyer and asked them not to contact him again. This may have relieved Mr. Gershie, and he said he would not expose Tasuku any further.

On the other hand, it turned out that Ayano, who had made an open phone call in a video in the past and was thought to have settled the relationship once and for all, had made the accusation.

He said, “This delivery is very risky. I’ve already mentioned the police.

He then made a scathing delivery.

Despite being told by Takahashi’s lawyer that he should not slander her any further, Mr. Gershey told Go Ayano, “I’m going to do Go Ayano’s thing. He was trying to pick a fight with me, so I don’t care. I don’t care. This is as good as provoking the victim, who has already filed a damage report.

The police must be furious, as they are currently conducting raids on the company on suspicion of habitual threats. Furthermore, he has been picking fights with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara, who is a close friend of Chairman Mikitani, so he has made enemies of state power, including politicians and the police” (reporter from a national newspaper).

(A reporter for a national newspaper) Although Senator Ghasi said he would return to Japan in March to answer police questions, the situation has turned murky, and it is unclear when he will actually return. There are reports that he will not return to Japan, but rather leave the country for a third country other than Dubai. If this happens, it could lead to an unprecedented situation in which a member of the Diet continues to move from one country to another.

Meanwhile, Rep. Garcey said.

I’m telling you the truth. The TV personalities don’t understand how painful it is to have what is factual dredged up one more time in court.

If you call me libel for a fact, I’ll sue you back for libel, too.

It seems that Ayano does not think he has done anything wrong.

Councilor Gershey was telling Ayano how hard it would be for him in the courtroom. But does he realize that if he is arrested and prosecuted, he could become a defendant himself?

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