In the past, Yukina Kinoshita has called her opponents “trash or worse” behind her remorse. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In the past, Yukina Kinoshita has called her opponents “trash or worse” behind her remorse.

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Yukina Kinoshita declared her resumption of entertainment activities by opening a YouTube channel on October 28. ……

I’m not sure what to make of this. In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kinoshita apologized for the trouble he caused with the video. Although the head was bowed deeply, the comment column was rough to rough.

“I’m not crying.
It’s impossible for him to come back after threatening me.

But the comment section was rife with criticism.

The fact that the video has been viewed over 1.7 million times shows how high the public’s attention is. However, the low ratings were five times higher than the high ratings, at 46,000 (as of October 30).

“In short, I pretended to quit the office and retire, but I guess that means I can’t do ordinary work. She’s obviously going to focus on YouTube to make money in the future.

There are other celebrities who are distancing themselves from television, and I’m sure they are all looking to collaborate with each other. It’s also possible that she and her ex-husband Satoshi Fujimoto could be working together…” (Sports reporter)

In the video, Kinoshita said, “I’ve been sincerely facing and reflecting on the past two years,” but “What part of it did I reflect on? “In the video, Kinoshita said, “I have been sincerely facing and reflecting on the situation for the past two years.

In retrospect, while the medical field was under a state of emergency, she showed a “drunken barbecue party” and uploaded a picture of herself staying at a luxury hotel with her boyfriend Hidetoshi Miyuki, a soccer player of Shonan Bellmare. She also posted a picture of herself driving a luxury car with a “blurred” speedometer, which caused a flare-up.

Although she says she is sorry for her actions, she has been criticized by fans in the past on her Instagram story.

Yukina, don’t worry about the antis!

And when she received a message of support from a fan saying

Oh, are there (antis)? I have 1.5 eyesight, but…” (original text)

He replied. (original text in Japanese), saying that anti-gomi are “no better than trash.

As soon as Kinoshita quit the entertainment industry, she was forced to delete the Instagram account she had used as an entertainer. However, her personal Instagram account, which she set up after her retirement, has more than 540,000 followers, even though it is only one tenth of the number she had at the time.

“Before her divorce, Kinoshita was suspected of having an affair, but she never admitted it. However, she was unable to provide enough evidence to deny the rumors and was eventually forced to leave the company. There were other rumors about her with several other men, but until now she had been successful as an entertainer with the protection of her former office.

It might have led to such an intimidation case from that looseness. The former affiliation office doesn’t think well of this return either. It seems to have told the media not to use the image and the photograph of the past. Because it seems to be uncomfortable to put out even the name of the office.

The “tapioca intimidation” trial is over and an apology has been made, so Kinoshita will probably work energetically as an entertainer. How far can support be obtained centering on the net as a “person of the topic”?

  • Photo by Takayuki Ogawauchi

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