Gold Medalist Sena Irie Also Praised It! People Are Being Healed by the 6CM-Long “Amefukura Frog”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gold Medalist Sena Irie Also Praised It! People Are Being Healed by the 6CM-Long “Amefukura Frog”!

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They cannot jump and are poor swimmers. Many people are being healed by such clumsy frogs. Its name is the Amefukura toad. Pampa Mooney, a You Tuber who keeps these frogs, tells us about the charm hidden in their minimalistic body, which is only 6 cm in length even as an adult.

Because spawning takes place between November and March, the rainy season in southern Africa, the frogs are imported to Japan during the winter. Their lovable appearance will surely make you a fan once you see them!

Their round bodies and extremely short limbs. They look so cute when they run, just like a baby crawling. I also like the way they try to escape from the house and fall down when they try to climb up the case. I get a lot of comments from channel subscribers that it’s soothing.

Tokyo Olympics women’s boxing gold medalist Sena Irie, who is known for her love of frogs, is one of those who were charmed by her cuteness.

I like the way they look at you. It looks like she has a smug look on her face, and I feel she is proud. Her body looks so sloppy (laughs). (Laughs.) I like their facial expressions.

Because breeding is difficult in Japan, they are only sold between December and March, when they are imported. They are priced between 10,000 and 20,000 yen, and their popularity, combined with the fact that they are so popular, has led to a number of stores selling out immediately after they go on sale. Biologist Kyoichi Tomita explains their ecology.

The frog’s habitat is in southern Africa. It lives for 10 years, which is long-lived among frogs. Because they usually live under the ground, their legs became shorter during the evolutionary process. It is believed that they have a tendency to hoard food due to limited opportunities to eat, and they have developed a body shape like a large bladder so that they can store nutrients and water. When keeping them, be careful not to dig them out of the ground unnecessarily, as this can be stressful. I have seen many frogs, and the gesture of wiping their faces, like a person rubbing their sleepy eyes (gaze), is very cute. I’m a fan.”

From YouTube stars to researchers to gold medalists, the Amefukura toad has charmed many people. Why don’t you come and experience their cuteness for yourself?

Irie will enter the graduate school of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in the spring. After entering the graduate school, she plans to first study the mortality rate of toads.

From the February 17, 2023issue ofFRIDAY

  • PHOTO Courtesy of Pampa Mooney (Amefukura frog) Tokyo Sports/Afro (Irie)

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