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Councilor Garcy in Battle Mode with Complainant Go Ayano

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Rep. Garcy snapped against Go Ayano. The disciplinary committee is meeting at the National Assembly… (from the official YouTube channel)

Mr. Garcy seems to be in a state of confusion.

On February 10, a disciplinary committee meeting was held to address the situation of Gershey, a member of the NHK party who has not appeared in the Diet once since last summer’s Upper House election.

In response, Mr. Gershey hardened his attitude. He had initially declared that he would return to Japan in March, but according to a source close to him.

I can’t do this anymore! I can’t do this anymore!” and “I don’t think he will come back.”

I don’t think he will come back.

The move by the ruling and opposition parties, with the exception of the NHK party, to get rid of Gershie was almost a sham. In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has requested a voluntary interview regarding the video exposé of the celebrity.

Gurthy has repeatedly asked the authorities for his safety and “not to arrest him. Gershey feels that there are “big forces” at work these days.

“If I go back to my country, I will be arrested.”

He has changed his mind.

What further aggravates his anxiety is the fact that “Luffy” and his crew, who are suspected of involvement in a wide-scale robbery, have been deported from the Philippines. Although there is no extradition treaty between Japan and the Philippines, they were extradited to Japan due to the friendly relations between the two countries.

Gurthy is currently in Dubai, but if a warrant were to be issued for his arrest in Japan, who knows what would happen to him? He is thinking of moving to a “third country.

Although Garcy talks tough in his Kansai dialect, he is actually in a tight corner. The worst example of this is when he revealed that one of the complainants suing him is Go Ayano.

Mr. Garcy mentioned Ayano’s name in his online salon and in a live broadcast on Instagram on August 8. Mr. Garcy’s attorney, Hiroki Takahashi, had previously posted on YouTube

He had quipped, “As a result of finding out who is suing us, I have clearly told Mr. Azumaya not to engage in further defamation, etc.”

He also said, “I am worried about Dr. Takahashi’s concern.”

Mr. Takahashi’s fears were quickly realized. It is clear that the authorities have a bad impression of him, and if he throws any new material at Ms. Ayano, the charges will be piled on top of each other.

Ayano announced his marriage to actress Yui Sakuma at the beginning of the year. In response to this, Mr. Gershey said.

I won’t beat him anymore.

However, when he found Ayano’s name among the accused, he retracted his previous statement, saying in a live broadcast on August 8, “Tsuyoshi, you should know that.”

Tsuyoshi, you should know what you’re doing. If it’s defamation, it’s defamation. If you call it slander, I’ll sue you back for slander. You’re trying to pick a fight with me, so I’m going to buy it.

He declared war. A person who knows Mr. Garcy said with a sigh, “He’s in full battle mode.”

He has gone into full battle mode. He is probably going to start dropping unpublished stories from now on. This will make it impossible for those around him to cover for him.”

Like Ayano, Arata Mackenyu, who got married in January, was also attacked by Gershie repeatedly in the past, but this time he was left out. According to Gershie, through his lawyer, he has been told that “Mr. Gershie and I are going to have trouble in the future.

“I will not have any trouble with Mr. Gershey in the future.”

Garcy’s lawyer told him, “There will be no more trouble with Mr. Gyasi in the future.

Garcy, who published a book under the title of “Death is good for nothing,” is really going to do so.

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