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Erika Toda, Asami Mizukawa, and Mako… “Synchronized direct negotiations” in the press

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Erika Toda complained about the media coverage on her SNS.

Coincidence or not…?

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of occasions where celebrities have directly spoken out against media reports. Actresses Asami Mizukawa and Erika Toda both updated their Instagram on October 27. Mizukawa said

Why is it that when celebrities lie, they get angry, but when weekly magazines lie, they don’t get angry? Numerous malicious articles involving actresses and celebrities that I know based on conjecture. Even if you say it has no basis in fact, it is released in a forceful manner, and the follow-up articles are also quite unremarkable.

He wrote.

The “actress” mentioned here refers to Toda. Some women’s weekly magazines reported that Toda became uncomfortable with Mizukawa’s way of thinking about Covid-19, and began to distance herself from her.

Toda updated her Instagram at the same time.

I wonder how many people I have to involve, how many people I have to hurt, how many stories I have to spread, what kind of pictures I have to take to be satisfied.

in a poem-like style. He continued

Isn’t it painful to keep telling lies? I’m worried about your heart, please be careful not to cause a car accident by following me, please stay away from me, please be calm.

In his unique way, he punctured the way the media was reporting the news.

Toda had just been reported to have dropped out of a series of movies and dramas due to physical and mental problems.

I don’t know if I’ll have anything to report about my private life in the future, but there are no facts about me except what I send out.

He assured them.

Reacting to their protest was another top actress, Juri Ueno, who updated her Twitter on the 27th.

Mizukawa Asami, Toda Erika, you’re great! You’re the best!

I’m so proud of you! She added

I had a tough time too. I don’t know what it was, but Nagasawa Masami and I didn’t get along or I wasn’t allowed to perform with her. A lot of things I don’t understand.

And then.

《But in a world where people can send out information on their own, I think people’s perception of weekly magazines is already changing. As a colleague, I feel reassured.

I’m glad to hear that.

“In the past, protests against media reports were basically made by their offices. Mizukawa and Toda’s response this time was unusual. They must have made an agreement beforehand, since they uploaded their Instagram posts at about the same time. As Mr. Ueno says, in the age of social networking, there are more and more cases where celebrities themselves directly raise their voices.

Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family and married to Kei Komuro, had a greater impact than the celebrities.

“At a press conference held on April 26, she came out and said, “I asked for it.

I asked for it. On top of that.

“In a press conference on April 26, she came out and said that she had requested the release of the documents concerning the Komuro family’s financial problems and Kei’s study abroad.

I was horrified and saddened by this. The imperial family journalist said

“I was surprised that Mako, a member of the royal family, was deeply “interfering” with Kei, a civilian. At the same time, I was shocked that she expressed her opinion in such a strong tone to the mass media. I guess she couldn’t stand that her beloved Kei was hurt.

This is my guess.

In a society where social networking services have become widespread, the trend of the times is no longer “silence,” and the responsibility of those reporting the news is becoming greater and greater. There is no doubt that the responsibility of those who report is becoming greater and greater.

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