Uno Kanda’s “10,000 yen hotel” secret meeting with her “partner,” who is also reported to be having investment troubles. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Uno Kanda’s “10,000 yen hotel” secret meeting with her “partner,” who is also reported to be having investment troubles.

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Uno Kanda was reported to have had a “secret meeting at a 10,000-yen hotel. It seems that her partner has some “notoriety”…

The February 9 issue of “Josei Seven” reported that TV personality Uno Kanda and Chinese businessman Ryunosuke Hanzawa were meeting secretly at a hotel.

According to the article, Kanda met secretly with Hanzawa at a business hotel in Tokyo once a week last summer. The hotel is located in a prime location, but is reasonably priced at 10,000 yen, and Kanda would spend one to two hours with Hanzawa at the hotel during the daytime on weekdays,” according to a wide-ranging source.

Hanzawa was the representative of an IT company, Click Holdings K.K. (hereinafter referred to as “Company C”), but according to its website, a different person is currently the president of the company. Mr. Hanzawa is the type of person who wants to be in the public eye, and has even debuted a CD while serving as the president of the company, and Kanda is in the backing chorus with Mrs. Devi.

Kanda’s blog entry from November 2009 reads as follows

I joined the chorus of the CD debut song “Mucho Kyun Bike” sung by Ryunosuke Hanzawa, president of IT company Click Holdings, under the artist name “HANSUKE” with Mrs. Devi. It was a fun song that made me want to ride on my HONBIKE with the wind in my hair, and I had a lot of fun recording the harmonies.

I had a lot of fun recording the song.

A news site run by Fukuoka-based “data-max” reported that Hanzawa was engaged in several businesses, including the “HONBIKE” business, and was distributing the profits from these businesses in virtual currency, but that there was a “problem with the dividend method. The site also reports that there is a movement to launch a “victims’ group” in Kyushu.

Although the cause is unknown, Hanzawa apparently stepped down as president last summer. However, links to programs in which Mr. Hanzawa appeared are still posted on the website.

Meanwhile, Hanzawa and Kanda’s office denied any “male-female relationship” to Josei Seven. Kanda’s side claims that they only had a meeting at a designated business hotel due to contractual problems, such as nonpayment of fees, and that they were never alone together.

Kandaside claims that they were only discussing the issue at a designated business hotel, and that they were never alone. However, according to Women’s Seven, it is a cheap hotel, costing 10,000 yen, even though it is in a prestigious location.

In general, such hotels have only a bed when you enter the room,” he said. It seems a little strange to have a business meeting with staff in such a small hotel…” (Source: a wide-show insider)

Speaking of Kanda, she produces wedding dresses, and her stores are selling them all over Japan. She has held about nine weddings with her husband, Takuro Nishimura, perhaps to promote her new products.

In 2008, Nishimura suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Kanda has been devotedly nursing him and accompanying him during his rehabilitation.

Many people in the public eye must feel that they are a “loving couple. How will this secret hotel meeting affect their future relationship?

Uno Kanda with Mrs. Davy and the rumored man in a photo (from her official blog).
Uno Kanda celebrating Mrs. Davy’s birthday, and their well-known honeymoon relationship… (from her official Instagram)
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