KAITO TAKAHASHI and SHINTARO MORIMOTO of SixTONES star in a comedian-based drama. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

KAITO TAKAHASHI and SHINTARO MORIMOTO of SixTONES star in a comedian-based drama.

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Kaito Takahashi of “King & Prince” to play Masayasu Wakabayashi of “Audrey

Kaito Takahashi (23) of King & Prince and Shintaro Morimoto (25) of SixTONES have been cast as Wakabayashi and Yamasato, respectively, in the April drama series “But There’s Passion” (hereafter “Passion”; NTV), which tells the life stories of Masayasu Wakabayashi (44) of Audrey and Ryota Yamasato (45) of Nankai Candies. Shintaro Morimoto (25) of “SixTONES” has been cast as Yamasato.

Yamasato will appear as a guest on the January 31 broadcast of “Mori at Midnight” (NTV), for which Wakabayashi is the MC. It was announced during the program that the show would be dramatized, but at that time the two were not informed who would be playing them. However, Takahashi and Morimoto made a surprise appearance in the studio after this recording. Yamasato looked surprised to learn that these two would be playing the roles.

I thought it was going to be a chubby, big-headed guy,” he said.

Wakabayashi, on the other hand, said, “It’s not our life.

Wakabayashi, on the other hand, was surprised and laughed, saying, “Don’t do our lives, do theirs.

Wakabayashi, on the other hand, was surprised and laughed, saying, “You should do your own life, not ours. But even more surprised than they were by the situation were the staff members of the TV station that produced the show.

To tell the truth, we were afraid to ask the two Johnny’s to play the main roles,” said one of the staff members at the TV station that produced the drama. I was also afraid that the Japanese fans would criticize me for asking them to play the main roles. However, immediately after the announcement, there were many comments on Twitter, such as “Congratulations! and “I’m so happy to see them star in a drama! and “I’m so happy to see a drama starring the two of you! Brush Up Your Life” is also doing well, so hopefully things will continue on the same path into April.

I think we will see more and more TV dramas in which comedians and entertainers team up with young scriptwriters to portray the lives of their characters.

Entertainment reporter Takayuki Jyoshita analyzed the situation in this way.

The most popular original works for TV dramas are novels and manga, but since “Lost Man Found,” a drama based on an essay by actor Matsuo Satoshi (47) that aired on NHK BS Premium last year, there seems to be a trend toward using autobiographies of celebrities and dramas about the lives of comedians and entertainers.

The main reason for this is the ability to keep production costs down. If actors and comedians are used as models, they are known to viewers even before they watch the drama and their images are easy to create, so there are no advertising costs. Of course, the script is the most important factor, but if the original story is a novel or a comic book, you have to ask a scriptwriter of some renown in front of the author’s teacher, but if you use a celebrity or comedian as a model, you can easily ask a young scriptwriter of the same generation. Because they are young, they can try all kinds of things and don’t have to fear failure. I think this trend will continue for some time.

For TV stations, the future is bright if they can create a new successful pattern for drama productions and bring young viewers back to TV while nurturing young scriptwriters. In that sense, I have high hopes for “But the Passion Is There.

Wakabayashi is surprised that Kaito Takahashi will play himself, even though he was surprised that he himself became the model for the drama.
Will Yu Aoi appear in the drama?
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