Why Kei Komuro and Mako are now going ahead with their “fertility activities,” hoping that the “headwinds” will subside. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Kei Komuro and Mako are now going ahead with their “fertility activities,” hoping that the “headwinds” will subside.

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Kei Komuro shopping at a drugstore in New York City.

Kei Komuro, 31, has passed the New York State bar exam and will begin practicing law this year.

He said, “Now I can say that I have, to some extent, solidified my ‘foundation for life,’ which had been a concern since before my marriage to Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family. Although the Komuro’s were fed up with the super-inflationary situation in New York, they have a good amount of savings, and they are not currently experiencing any financial hardship as reported.

Mako’s work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is also reportedly continuing. The theme for the future of Kei’s life in New York, which appears to be going well, is not only Kei’s work, but also Mako’s “pregnancy”.

Mako was seen visiting a hospital affiliated with New York University last year. It is possible that it was a visit to the hospital, but there are not a few voices that point out that she was attending an obstetrics and gynecology clinic”.

Mako’s goal has always been to “get married by the age of 30. In addition, she had confided that she wanted to have at least two children.

Kei-san wants that, too, and there should be no obstacles. On the other hand, the Imperial Household Agency actually wants that as well. In addition to wishing the couple a happy life and hoping that they will be blessed with a child as a result, they are also pinning high hopes on the marriage as an opportunity for the ongoing headwinds against the Akishino family and the Imperial Household that arose in the course of the marriage to stop.

Although there has always been a negative perception of the Komuro couple from within the Imperial Household Agency, it does not seem to be the only one.

So, does this mean that the “birth of their first child” will have to wait as well?

In fact, I have heard that there is a sort of agreement between Prince Akishino and the Komuro’s that “until Kei’s work is settled and her life is settled, ……” is a kind of agreement. In a sense, it seems that the Komuro’s have been abiding by this rule.

If they pass the bar exam and their jobs seem to be stable, will the situation change?

Perhaps there is a difference in how we perceive the word “stable. It can be inferred that there is a ‘struggle’ between the thoughts of Akishino no Miya and those of the couple.

It does not appear that Prince Akishino is in any way dictating the timing of the birth, but it does appear that he is conveying his thoughts to the couple out of a sense of parental love.

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