EXIT Daiki Kanekika’s “breaking a girl’s arm” comment draws fire. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

EXIT Daiki Kanekika’s “breaking a girl’s arm” comment draws fire.

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EXIT Kanekon’s relationship with the robber’s instructor has attracted attention. His past statements and other remarks have also drawn attention…

The furor surrounding the past of comedy duo EXIT’s Hiroki Kanekika is beginning to go sideways.

Kanekika was involved in a theft incident that took place in Sapporo more than 10 years ago. The case caused a furore because one of the members arrested with him was a suspect, Yuuki Watanabe, who was believed to be the instructor “Rufy” in the widespread robbery case.

Although Kanekika was released from jail for this incident, accountability was demanded due in part to the suspect’s heinous nature.

Kanekika admitted to having had contact with the suspect in the past on social networking sites and YouTube live-streaming, and apologized. On the other hand, he stressed that he has had no contact with the suspect since the incident.

He also said, “I think viewers are shocked to learn that I used to hang out with Watanabe, even though the incident happened more than 10 years ago. Recently, Kanekon-san has been highly rated and has a clean image, so it may be a blow to have the viewers’ “view” change.

In the entertainment world, there are more and more people who think it is “strange” to criticize a case that happened more than 10 years ago and was released from prison at this time.

On the other hand, some people on the Internet are “researching” Kaneka’s words and actions in the past in the wake of the current turmoil. The most recent one that came into the spotlight was his August 17, 2001 comment

Still an egg! ←I used to break girls’ arm bones.

The most recent topic was a tweet from August 17, ’13, when he wrote, “I used to break girls’ arm bones. The “I used to break girls’ arms all the time,” is indeed a bit of a shocker.

Kaneko, whose tweet was “unearthed,” took to social networking sites on April 4 to explain his actions.

Oh, really? I’ve just remembered…. I just started out as a comedian and wanted to act like a comedian, so I was being played like a yankee, and I thought it would be funny to say something radical in a reply like a bad yankee comedy……too slippery to explain.

I replied, “I’m sorry. This was a “reply” to a Yankee comedy, and whether it was funny or not, it was just something that came out of the “groove” of about 10 years ago. Still, some netizens commented

Is it funny when a man breaks a woman’s arm?
If you thought that was funny, you’re not cut out to be a comedian.

If you thought that was funny, you’re not cut out to be a comedian. Kaneko responded

I’m so embarrassed right now, I can’t even look at it.
I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry. I wouldn’t say such a thing now even if I were joking. I am sorry that I exchanged these words among my friends, even jokingly. I’m sorry for my disgusting sensibilities.

He apologized, but there was no sign that the flames had subsided.

At first, the focus of the furor should have been on the connection with “Luffy. Now, however, the tweets and interviews of Kaneko have been thoroughly investigated, and anything suspicious has been exposed, in a state of “searching for flaws.

A similar case reminds us of Keigo Oyamada of the rock band “Cornelius,” who was in hot water in 2009 for his “bullying problem.

Oyamada’s “bullying boasts” in “ROCKIN’ON JAPAN” published in 1994 and in “Quick Japan” in 1995 were called into question, and he resigned as a composer for the Tokyo Olympics. Oyamada resigned as the composer for the Tokyo Olympics ceremony.

Oyamada admitted to being bullied as a student, but part of what he wrote in his book was about other people’s episodes. However, he explained that he had borrowed episodes from others and “embellished” some parts of his book. However, Oyamada’s claims were hardly taken into account, and the bashing on SNS did not stop.

In the case of Oyamada, his writings and past statements were thoroughly investigated, and “fuel” was dropped one after another. In the case of Oyamada, his writings and past statements were thoroughly investigated and “fuel” was dropped one after another. No matter how much he denied it, the preconceived notion of “Is it true? will remain, no matter how much he denies it.

Kaneko is also in the middle of the Internet torrent. Unless the “Luffy” case is brought to an end, he is likely to be in the spotlight for some time to come….

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