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Riona Hazuki, Who Became a Celebrity Wife’ Comeback as a “Beauty Witch” — A Collection of Her Images Inside!

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Drunken Hazuki back at home late at night with her first husband, a sushi chef (November 2, 2001 issue)

‘Too cold, not sure if I should go to the gym.’

An Instagram with the comment, along with a photo of her standing on her front porch in a gray knit, coat, black pants, boots, and a black bag slung over her shoulder, has become the talk of the town. It is actress Riona Hazuki (47). In the comment section, she wrote

“You look beautiful today too!

I was so enchanted by her unchanged beauty.

and “I’m so enchanted by her unchanged beauty. The sports papers were all over this post, and in some sports papers, the phrase “ex-magical woman” was also seen.

Hazuki had been absent from the media since her last appearance on a variety show in 2017, but around the time of her third marriage in 2018 to an executive at a real estate developer company about 10 years her senior, she began posting on Instagram, and the celebrity-like photos she posted daily were frequently picked up by news sites The celebrity-like photos she posted daily were frequently picked up by news sites. Although “demonic woman” may not ring a bell with young people today, her sex appeal was truly amazing even when she was called a “demonic woman” at the age of only 20.

She is a returnee who spent her early teens in Chicago, and made her debut in 1993 in “The Sunflower on the Hill” (TBS series). When this magazine interviewed her at the time, she was asked, “What type of man do you like? she replied, “A boy of my age in Japan.

She replied, “Boys of the same age in Japan are too young, so I only like men over 30 years old.

She was already giving off the vibe of an adult woman when she answered, “Boys my age in Japan are too young, so I only like men over 30. She later became very popular as a “beautiful girl actress,” but in 1995, at the age of 19, she had an affair with Hiroyuki Sanada (62), then 35, with whom she had co-starred in the movie “Sharaku. She was bashed as a “plagiarist” and a “devilish woman. Nevertheless, in an interview with this magazine, Hazuki said

Why am I a ‘demonic woman’? If it were true, it would be fine, but they wrote something totally different. The thing that made me the most angry was that Hazuki is a ‘scary woman. (omission) If you take a two-shot or something, be sure to tell me. I won’t hide it, but I’ll go out with my hair and makeup on (laughs).

(Aug. 18, 1995, issue #25) He answered in a very matter-of-fact manner, “I’m not going to hide it.”

Wedding dress in the midst of reports of her love affair with Ichiro (July 25, 1997 issue)

A scene from the movie “The Mamushi Brothers” starring Hazuki

Sanada later divorced. In 1996, when he and Hazuki were thought to be continuing their relationship. Suddenly, a report appeared in the public that Hazuki had been meeting secretly with Ichiro (49) in Los Angeles. The two held a press conference, and Ichiro made a statement acknowledging their relationship, but Hazuki denied it. There were also reports that Ichiro was just being pushed around by Hazuki. The photo is a scene from the movie “The Mamushi Brothers,” in which she starred at the time. It may be that Ichiro was also played around by this beauty.

A night spent at a club with Toshiaki Karasawa and others until 4 a.m. (January 9 and 16, 1998)

Hazuki on her way home after the launch of the drama “Eve. The aura of an actress is in full bloom.

At the launch of “Eve” (Fuji Television), the drama in which Hazuki starred for the first time in a year and three months, co-star Toshiaki Karasawa (59) was also present. In fact, Hazuki had kicked out of the lead role in a movie that she was about to star in at the time to star in this drama, and it was widely known that the reason was because Hazuki wanted to co-star with Karasawa. The magazine paid close attention to their movements after the launch, but Hazuki left the restaurant one step earlier than Karasawa and headed home.

When we hit Hawaii, she “declared her marriage” to a sushi chef while living with him! (November 2, 2001 issue)

She smiled as you can see when a reporter from this magazine directly asked her about her love affair with a sushi chef (November 2, 2001 issue).

After that, she published an autobiography of the true story of her relationship with Sanada, published a hair nude photo book, and confessed to Takashi Okamura (52) of “Ninety-Nine” that she was a “devilish woman” in 2001. This magazine caught a report that she was living together with a sushi chef in Hawaii. The magazine decided to scoop their lovey-dovey cohabitation in Hawaii. In response to a direct interview with the magazine, Hazuki said, “I will live with him.

I will live with him. I want three children. I will do my best.

She declared her marriage. At the time, Hazuki was smiling happily, but the couple divorced just two and a half months after their marriage.

In October last year, in an interview with Shukan Bunshun, Hazuki said, “I’m doing my Instagram under Hazuki’s name.

I’m no longer involved in entertainment, although I do Instagram under the name Hazuki,” she replied.

She replied that she had no intention of returning to show business. However, there must be many fans who wish to see her return as a “beauty witch.

Too beautiful in a wedding dress (July 25, 1997 issue)
On this day, she cranked in the drama “Eve” (July 25, 1997 issue).
Hazuki and a sushi chef are interviewed by this magazine (November 2, 2001 issue)
Her expression is sexy (November 2, 2001 issue)
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