EXIT Kanekika Taiki’s Past Tweet of “I Broke a Girl’s Arm Bone” Caused Stir in the Internet | FRIDAY DIGITAL

EXIT Kanekika Taiki’s Past Tweet of “I Broke a Girl’s Arm Bone” Caused Stir in the Internet

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EXIT Kaneko was linked to Luffy, the leader of the robbery. Even his past “Twitter” showed his involvement.

Daiki Kanekika of the comedy duo “EXIT” was acquainted in the past with the suspect Yuuki Watanabe, who is believed to be “Luffy,” the instructor of the serial robbers. His past Twitter posts have come under fire for being seen as problematic.

Speaking of Kanekika, in response to the series of disturbances, he posted on his YouTube channel about his relationship with the suspect Watanabe.

He said, “I’m not close with him at all right now. But it is true that we knew each other in the past. That’s the kind of environment I was in. I lived in an environment where there were only people who were clearly committing crimes.

While admitting that he was involved in the robbery before, he denied any involvement in the recent robbery.

On February 3, he posted a photo from a variety show on Instagram in which he performed a waterfall ritual naked.

He said, “I can’t change the past or others, but from this moment on, I can change the future and myself.”

He also claimed that he wanted people to look at themselves in the future rather than at past events.

On the other hand, although the relevance is unclear, the companies seem to be taking it calmly, as the commercial video on the Internet has been made private and the talk event was suddenly canceled. Kaneko himself said on YouTube

“I think the reason for the cancellation is because I am being criticized (for having had contact with Watanabe),” Kanekika himself said on YouTube.

He said on YouTube.

In the midst of this, a post that Kanekika had tweeted in the past and which could be mistaken for a supporting criminals has surfaced on the Internet.

I used to break girls’ arm bones.

“I’ve been banned from the Purikura machine there because I broke it so many times.
I heard it’s gone without a trace now! LOL” (November 16, ’13)

Indeed, the contents could be taken as a support to criminal acts.

It is true that this could be taken as bragging about a crime. (November 16, 2013), If he had often broken women’s arms, he would no longer be a bully.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

After such tweets from his past resurfaced, the Internet responded with the following comments

“What a crime bragging dassa!”
“Did he really violated a girl by breaking her arm?”

(Sports paper reporter). In response to these comments, Kanekon said, “I’m a new comedian, and I’m not a comedian.

I just started out as a comedian and wanted to act like a comedian, so I was being played like a yankee, and I thought it would be fun to say something radical in a response like a bad yankee comedy, I can’t explain it. It comes up endlessly, but I’m sorry for being offensive.

“I’m sorry for being offensive,” he apologized. However, the issue did not subside, and he was asked to explain.

No matter what I say, it’s true! I won’t make excuses because it will be considered as a fact. I am not trying to quell the flames, nor do I intend to end them, but only to give an explanation because I was asked to do so by those who misunderstood and wanted to know the facts! I’m not going to stop those who want to have fun with their misunderstandings.

The firestorm of criticism only intensified. The situation is getting out of hand.

Kanekon has quickly risen to stardom from his impoverished youth in Hokkaido. What kind of future awaits him after this debacle?

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