Chasing the “Cats are Liquid Theory!” Healing from the ever-changing and too-cute shots! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Chasing the “Cats are Liquid Theory!” Healing from the ever-changing and too-cute shots!

A number of astonishing photos from all over the world.

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There is a debate that often arises among cat lovers. “Are cats actually liquid?”  Indeed, when I see my own children snuggled up in their little bowls or stretched out for a nap, I can’t help but think so.

The inquisitiveness of cat lovers knows no bounds, and a French researcher was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for his research report titled “Can cats be solid and liquid at the same time?

The melting cat boom has been going strong for many years, as evidenced by the publication of a series of books featuring photos of “liquid cats” at the end of last year.

Witness the rare moment when cats all over the world “turn into liquid!

The pleasure of being completely contained in a rectangular drawer!
It’s the best ♡♡♡♡♡♡!

@cakes1todough1 “Oskar” lives in the United States. He is energetic and curious, and once even got himself into a stew pot!

Hmmm…a box worthy of liquidation…

@marotrain Scottish Fold “Maro” has a fast-paced personality and is always living a loose life in liquid form.

Maro” melts and fits perfectly in the clear bowl.

It’s not water, it’s a cat.

@NEKOLAND13 “Norman,” a male cat of the Minuet species, lives with his two older cats, “Ray” and “Emma. No matter how small the jar is, he wants to force his way in!
Norman” is a self-centered cat who loves to play. When he finds a crack in a jar, he can’t help but climb in!

I can’t get enough of the way this cat tower fits.
I can’t get enough of it!

@ohag_i1104 “Ohagi” likes to watch the night view from her favorite cat tower.

And many more liquid cats! The photo book “Neko wa Liquid” ( Kawade Shobo Shinsha) is now on sale at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide!

From the February 3, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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