Even if you’re a doctor, is a doctor in the office a bad match? The situation is too bad that “Papa Katsudo Girls” don’t want to be matched with “Doctor Dads”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even if you’re a doctor, is a doctor in the office a bad match? The situation is too bad that “Papa Katsudo Girls” don’t want to be matched with “Doctor Dads”.

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[Joon] Women receive money for having dinner or spending the night with rich men in the “daddy’s life. Perhaps due to the prolonged recession, this activity seems to be taking place in various places such as dating clubs and dating sites.

Among them, at dating clubs and some dating sites exclusively for high-class men, where beautiful actresses and models gather, the number of registered doctors seems to be increasing, accounting for 6 to 10% of the male members.

However, while women may think that matching with a doctor who has an image of having money is what they want, surprisingly, this is not the case.

There have been many reports of women being “turned off” after being matched with a doctor.

Shintaro Kinoshita (pseudonym), a Tokyo-based general practitioner and an expert on the papa activity situation, explained to us the examples and why such things happen.

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With the recent proliferation of matching apps, they have become popular in the world of physicians as well. However, unlike the “exclusive members’ clubs,” which were traditional “places for fun,” physicians do not have a good reputation in the matching app community.

Most of the physician members who sign up for exclusive members’ clubs are practicing physicians. This is because, in order to register with an exclusive members’ club, you need to have a very high income and have enough time on your hands, so an ordinary doctor who works in the department of medicine at a hospital cannot fulfill these requirements.

The admission fee and annual membership fee for such clubs cost several hundred thousand yen, and the highest-ranked clubs, which are limited to a certain number of members, have a very high hurdle, such as an annual income of 40 million yen or more. You can see that the average annual salary of a working doctor is said to be 12 million yen, which is a very high hurdle to overcome.

Medical practitioners who seek encounters at the above-mentioned high-class members-only dating clubs are able to meet the needs of women because they can afford it financially and time-wise. Hence, it is difficult to get into trouble.

However, this is not the case with “working doctors” who use regular dating clubs, dating sites, and matching apps to engage in daddy activities. Such doctors are the ones who “let down” the papa-katsu-girls.

Here are two “disappointed physician dads” I have heard about.

No. 1…Mr. Z, a 50-year-old physician. He works in the internal medicine department of X hospital in Tokyo.

Mr. Z., who entered medical school after two years, has absolutely no good memories about love. He could not communicate well with women, stalking women he liked in order to send them letters, or asking for a relationship several times a week.

Even so, he was proud and could not help boasting about his “00 university degree” and “deviation score of 70. We had an arranged marriage and had one child, but we divorced after five years due to repeated moral harassment. He pays 220,000 yen per month in child support.

In spite of this, he registered on a daddy’s active site, hoping to have a relationship with a young woman. He matched with four women and went on dates with them, but they never got to know each other beyond having dinner together.

He had no choice but to cover the costs of night duty (about 80,000 yen per night) and a part-time job interviewing for the new coronavirus vaccine (about 150,000 yen during the daytime).

No.2…54-year-old Mr. L. A practicing physician. Managed a pediatric clinic in Tokyo.

The next doctor is Mr. L., a 54-year-old single pediatric general practitioner, who had problems with his job itself. He could not communicate well with his patients, and with only about 10 patients a day, his business was on fire. Nevertheless, he was using his night duty and part-time job of interviewing new coronavirus vaccines as a source of funds to pay for his daddy’s activities.

Since he had difficulty communicating with women and was tired from working the night shift and vaccine part time jobs, it naturally did not go well for him.

It is natural that women would prefer to be matched with a doctor who can afford to spend money and behave well, rather than a doctor who is forced to “speak from above” and reply to stressful social networking sites due to pride and preoccupation with academic background and family history.

In other words, the arrogance that being a doctor makes one popular leads to such “failure cases. If doctors have been popular in the past, it was only because they had money and behaved well.

If they still have the desire to play, they register with “high-class members’ clubs” and enjoy playing while behaving elegantly.

In a sense, it may be natural that people who cannot do what is natural, such as the doctors mentioned in (1) and (2), cannot behave well even in play.

As far as I can tell, in many cases, doctors who register for matching apps and seek fun are either very curious or have no money. This is one of the reasons why doctors who use matching apps have a bad reputation among women.

We are not saying that you should not engage in daddy activities, but at least behave in a way that does not damage the reputation of physicians.

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