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Men’s esthetic salons “special service” violated the Entertainment Establishments Control Law.

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The website of the esthetic salon “Zagin,” which was exposed, has the words “Closed.

On January 25, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested a man who runs the men’s esthetic salon “ZAGIN” on suspicion of violating the Entertainment Establishments Control Law (business in prohibited areas). The suspect instructed female employees to provide sexual services to unspecified men. The arrested man stated, “As a company, we do not give such instructions, but if I was in charge and was providing sexual services, I had no choice.

Zagin’ was one of the largest stores in Tokyo, operating out of 25 rented condominiums in Ginza, Higashi-Nihonbashi, Ichigaya, and other locations. The fee is 25,000 yen for two hours, which is in the high-class category. It is said to have had 20,000 members because of its reputation for having a large number of beautiful therapists. It was reported that one of the members was a famous actor in his 30s who was said to be one of the most enthusiastic men’s esthetic salons in the entertainment industry. It is said that the annual sales were 800 million yen, but there are some who say that the actual amount may have been much higher. Some people have pointed out that it was actually more than that.

In Tokyo, a famous men’s esthetic salon was also busted in April and July of last year. In fact, the same esthetic salon had been summoned by the police several times since last year, leading up to the recent bust.

The police instructed the store not to instruct the therapists to provide sexual services during training sessions and not to provide extreme optional services such as costume changes, etc. The store had discontinued the use of the scanty baby dolls that had been used as the therapists’ costumes until then. In December, they also submitted a written confirmation that they would not provide sexual services. However, it was discovered that sexual services were being performed, and this led to the current revelation. The costumes that were changed were also changed.

However, there is a testimony that the changed clothes were quite sexy, including a cleavage-revealing T-shirt and a tight mini skirt, so the store may not have intended to follow the instruction in the first place.

So, how extreme were the services actually provided at the store? One man who has used the store several times said, “The so-called ‘construction work’ is a kind of ‘construction work’ that is done in the construction industry.

There are many therapists who only provide so-called “dojo” (a cloak word in the industry meaning “unsound” service), so I think there are many customers who used the shop as usual. However, I heard a rumor that there were many girls who offered special services called “Uraku-opu” (a kind of “hidden sex”), so I went there and found that this was indeed true. The therapist I chose was in her early 20s and looked a bit like Marie Iide. She was slender, but her breasts felt very heavy when she was close to me over my back. However, she did not talk much and was not very friendly, and her massage was not very motivating, so I honestly thought it might be a letdown.

However, when she turned me on my back and started massaging my area, she suddenly started rubbing her hand over the part she was not supposed to touch. I was completely aroused. Then, as if she had timed it perfectly, she asked me if I had a back-up offer,” he said.

The offer was “10,000 extra for touch, hand job, etc.” and “20,000 to the end,” she said.

Some of the therapists who were enrolled in the program said, “I don’t do that kind of thing at all.

One of the therapists who worked with her said, “I don’t do that kind of thing at all. I didn’t like it because many of the customers insisted on it even though I didn’t do it at all.

I don’t do that kind of thing at all. The rumor of a therapist offering “backdoor sex” drew a crowd of customers who wanted it, and as a result, they became conspicuous, which led to their arrest.

There is also this story.

Many of the stores that have been busted in the past have reopened under a different name. There are whispers on the Internet that ‘Zagin’ may reopen in a month or so at the earliest, and some information sites are putting a bounty on the website address of the new store.

It seems that the “whack-a-mole” battle between the stores and the authorities will continue endlessly.

The website of the esthetic salon “Zagin,” which was exposed.
The website of the esthetic salon “Zagin,” which was exposed, includes a section on sexual services, but…

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