Kenta Kiritani, who used to hand out candy, once again shows his “legendary divine response. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kenta Kiritani, who used to hand out candy, once again shows his “legendary divine response.

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Kenta Kiritani on location for “Informer

In mid-January at Shin-Osaka Station, while many passengers were walking toward the ticket gate to board the last Tokaido Shinkansen train bound for Tokyo, there was a tall, slender man who was also walking toward the ticket gate. He was actor Kenta Kiritani (42). He was wearing black-rimmed glasses, a stadium jacket, black jeans, and bright white sneakers. Many young women noticed Kiritani and gathered around him. They approached Kiritani with their smartphones in hand, and she stopped and readily agreed to a two-shot photo.

Kiritani was visiting the headquarters of Kantele that day for a press conference for “Informer” (Kantele), her first drama in which she plays a solo lead role, which began airing on January 19.

It is a crime suspense in which an informant and a magazine reporter pursue a mysterious case, and since it is in the late-night slot, it uses a lot of edgy scenes. Speaking of Kantele, there have been many high-profile dramas, such as “Elpis,” which aired last fall and has already earned a reputation as one of the best dramas of the season.

Kiritani is also feeling the response to the drama, and at the press conference, he said, “Kenta Kiritani is awakening.

I am proud to say that this is the work that awakened Kenta Kiritani!

He expressed his confidence, saying, “I am proud to say that this is a work that has awakened Kenta Kiritani! He must have been in a good mood on his way home. She did not show any displeasure with the female fans who had gathered there, and readily shook hands with them and signed their autographs, which were endless.

In fact, Kiritani’s attitude toward her fans is always the same. She is very famous among her fans for her ‘divine response.

In 2021, when Kiritani appeared on “Sakurai Ariyoshi The Night Party” (TBS), Takashi Yoshimura of “Heisei Nobushi Kobushi” asked Kiritani, “It’s just a rumor,” before adding, “You give candy to your fans when you meet them, right? Kiritani was asked.

When asked, Kiritani replied, “If you say, ‘I can’t take your picture,’ they will be disappointed, right? (If I give them candy (instead), they are very happy.

She even had a pouch to put the candy in. However, at one point, he realized that he felt uneasy without candy.

I thought that would be a complete turnaround, so I thought it would be better to say “thank you” with a handshake, so I don’t carry it anymore.

She explained, “I thought that would be a waste of time. It seems that fans are well aware of Kiritani’s “divine response. After the fans had been dealt with in a friendly atmosphere, Kiritani gave them a quick glance and walked into the ticket gate without showing any signs of panic. In “Informer,” Kiritani plays an outlaw, an informer who is an assistant to a young gang leader. The gap between the rough-and-tumble and the godlike is also one of Kiritani’s charms.

Kiritani responds calmly to fans
Responding politely to fans waiting for their turn.
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