Nippon TV’s next ace female announcer is… “Minami Ishikawa and Erina Iwata” are rapidly emerging as the “post Mizuto”… Surprising background | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nippon TV’s next ace female announcer is… “Minami Ishikawa and Erina Iwata” are rapidly emerging as the “post Mizuto”… Surprising background

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Announcer Ishikawa participated in the Tokyo Marathon last March (photo partially processed)

NTV achieved the annual “triple crown” of individual viewer ratings for the last fiscal year (January 3, 2010 – January 1, 2011, Kanto region) for the 12th consecutive year. NTV is still the top-ranking commercial broadcaster, but its current concern is the next-generation “female TV announcer strategy.

For Nippon TV, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the station’s founding. It is considered an urgent task to nurture an ace to take over after the immensely popular Mami Mizuto (35),” said a Nippon TV employee.

Minami Ishikawa (26), who has been with the company for four years, is being discussed as the “post-Mizuto” announcer. Currently, Ishikawa is involved in a number of regular programs, including “Life Changes in a Minute”, “ZIP! In addition, there is a possibility that she will be chosen as an MC for a variety show that will be broadcast in the GP time slot (7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) from April.

The touchstone of the program will be the special program “Ichiban tteiryoku variety show our MAX” (tentative title) scheduled to be broadcast on February 22, in which Ishikawa will appear. I hear that Osamu Shitara of “Bananaman” will be the host of the two-hour program, which will be broadcast from 7:00 pm.

Professionals in the field will present their most recommended “My MAX” in response to a theme presented by the program. For example, he will passionately explain legendary live music concerts, celebrity biographies that will knock everyone’s socks off, and other legends that we want to pass on to the next generation.

My MAX,” for which Ishikawa serves as MC, will be promoted to a regular program on the GP band from April if it receives high viewer ratings.

If the ratings are high, “My MAX,” in which Ishikawa will serve as MC, will be promoted to a regular program in the GP zone starting in April,” he said. If it clears the viewership threshold, it will become the successor to “Sekai Maruhei Television Special Investigation Department. TV Special Investigation Department.

Why did the show turn around after the infatuation report?

Mizuto having lunch in Ginza with then-employee Taichi Masu, photographed in May 2007.

Why is Ishikawa being considered for the “post-Mizuto” position? A variety show producer explains, “It is because she is recognized by Mizuto, who works with her on ‘ZIP!

Mizuto is not just a popular female TV announcer. Mizuto is not just a popular female TV announcer; she has built up a career as an executive and at the young age of 35, she is in a position to give advice to program producers and station announcer personnel. Mizuto is a big fan of Ishikawa.

Mizuto’s approval of Ishikawa was triggered by a report in Weekly Post two years ago that she was romantically involved with her former colleague Yoshiro Sato, who left the station in May of last year and co-starred in ZIP!

Mizuto-ana seemed to have a sense of crisis. …… that news read by two people in a relationship would turn viewers away. In fact, after the news report, the program’s viewer ratings dropped. It seems that Mizuto admonished Ishikawa to think about her future and act accordingly.

Ishikawa accepted Mizuto’s advice and broke up with Sato of her own volition. Since then, Mizuto respects Ishikawa’s sincerity and has been pushing him to join the producers at the production site. Eventually, it is said that she intends to give up her own position as general host of “ZIP!

While Ishikawa is on the rise, there is one more female announcer who is attracting attention. Erina Iwata, 27, was reported to be one of the MC’s for “DayDay,” the successor to “Sukkiri,” which will end in March. ……

The main MC announced was Ryota Yamasato of the Nankai Candies, and his assistant was Miyu Kuroda, 24, an announcer in her third year with the company. Kuroda’s selection was certainly a surprise, but Iwata’s presence has not diminished. She is always ranked high in surveys such as the “most likable female TV announcer” selected by viewers.

I think she will be given an important role in the new program starting in April. It seems that the upper management of Nippon TV is trying to improve the abilities of Iwata and Ishikawa by making them compete with each other to raise their sense of urgency.

Which of the two will win the “post-Mizuto” position? It remains to be seen.

Iwata attended the graduation ceremony of Keio University in March 2006.
Mizuto, who graduated from Keio University in March 2010
Mizuto having dinner with colleagues, photo taken in November 2008.
Mizuto having lunch with Taichi Masu, an announcer at the time, in Ginza, Tokyo, photographed in May 2007.
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi Ichiro Takatsuka

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