Abe Hifumi & Rina Hashimoto, Kei Nishikori & former model, Naoko Takahashi… Famous athletes “happy date outside the arena” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Abe Hifumi & Rina Hashimoto, Kei Nishikori & former model, Naoko Takahashi… Famous athletes “happy date outside the arena” photos

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Abe and Hashimoto coming out of the convenience store. As expected of gold medalists, Abe was carrying the heavy bag with ease.

The date scene caught by “FRIDAY” has become a topic of conversation.

The February 3 issue reported that Abe Hifumi (25), who won the gold medal in men’s judo at the Tokyo Olympics in the 66kg category, and gravure idol Rina Hashimoto (29) were shopping together. FRIDAY caught the happy couple on a Christmas afternoon last year. Abe is wearing a black parka and damaged jeans that show off his strong legs. Hashimoto, who has an outstanding style, was wearing a white knit and a gray skirt.

The two were reported to be dating in September of last year in Bunshun Online. They met through an acquaintance and have been dating since last spring. However, when the report of their love affair was published, it was also reported that Abe has a bad drinking habit and likes women, and some people said that it might not be a serious relationship.

When Abe and Hashimoto entered a convenience store, they picked up a shopping basket and put bottles of tea and soda into the basket in a familiar manner. Rather than going on a date, they seemed to have come here to buy daily necessities. The two of them went into the apartment, their “love nest,” together. It was not a “play date” at all, but a serious relationship.

FRIDAY” has often witnessed the love affairs of famous athletes. Kei Nishikori (33), a tennis player; Naoko Takahashi (50), a gold medalist in the women’s marathon at the Sydney Olympics; Ryoko Tani (47), a judo player known as “Yawara-chan”; and Miki Ando (35), a professional figure skater. …… Not only Abe Hifumi, but also the athletes themselves, are featured in the following photos.

Eating “Jagarico” in Harajuku

Mr. Yamauchi snuggles up to Nishikori without worrying about his surroundings.

It was in October 2007 that Nishikori announced to his friends his marriage to Mai Yamauchi, a former model known as “Ako Mizuki. At Yamauchi’s birthday party, the two confessed to the attendees.

Actually…we are getting married.”

FRIDAY saw the couple on their “Harajuku date” two months later, in December 2007.

“While walking along Takeshita-dori, I saw a couple in front of a Calbee store (now closed), chomping on ‘Jagarico’ (a Japanese sweet potato). When I looked at their faces, I was surprised to see that they were tennis player Nishikori and his rumored girlfriend (Yamauchi),” said the woman who spotted them.

It was mid-December. They were walking along Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo, and didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold.

Mr. Yamauchi was pushing his bicycle, dressed in casual clothing as if he were going out to a convenience store. Nishikori was wearing a hat and a mask, but Yamauchi seemed unconcerned about his surroundings. He was walking with his arms tightly around Ms. Nishikori and their bodies were in perfect contact. They were really in love.

Athletes show a different side of themselves when they are not competing. There is no doubt that their partners support their success.

Naoko Takahashi and her handsome manager
Ryoko Tamura (judo) and Takanobu Jumonji (bicycle racing)
Yoko Shibui (marathon) and Shingo Suetsugu (short distance)
Miki Ando (figure skating) and Yasuharu Nanri (figure skating)
Maai Murakami and Kenzo Shirai (gymnastics). After leaving the convenience store, they got into a car and went to the dormitory.
Takanofuji flirting with a girlfriend a year older than him during a tour
Keita Inagaki, a rugby player, and Takako Arai, a model, who got married in January 2010
Hinako Shibuno, a golf player, is in love with a handsome announcer
Kimiko Date (tennis) and Bismarck (soccer)
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi, Takahiro Kagawa, Sota Shima

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