I love her too much to leave her”… “Stalker man” who meta-stabbed 38-year-old single mother with recrimination and horrified testimony. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I love her too much to leave her”… “Stalker man” who meta-stabbed 38-year-old single mother with recrimination and horrified testimony.

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Terauchi, the suspect who stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death (from his SNS. Some photos have been doctored.)

The Fukuoka District Public Prosecutor’s Office is planning to detain a suspect, a former boyfriend, for evaluation to determine his criminal responsibility in the murder of a woman near JR Hakata Station in Fukuoka Prefecture.

The suspect, Susumu Terauchi, 31, a restaurant employee, was arrested on suspicion of murder. Terauchi persistently stalked his former girlfriend, Miki Kawano, a company employee (38 at the time), despite being told by her that they had ended their relationship. He told his friends that he liked her too much to leave her, and in January of this year, he killed Ms. Kawano by stabbing her to death out of resentment that she had refused to get back together with him. Since he stabbed Ms. Kawano in more than a dozen places, including her face and chest, the Fukuoka District Public Prosecutors Office decided that it was necessary to confirm whether or not he was criminally responsible.

FRIDAY Digital” reported the incident in detail in its January 21 edition. Let us look back at the tragic trouble again (some parts have been corrected).

Why did you call the police? You’ll lose your job!”

The man was so enraged that he stormed into his ex-boyfriend’s workplace and yelled at him.

The incident occurred shortly after 6 p.m. on January 16, when Ms. Kawano was stabbed to death on a street in front of JR Hakata Station. He had dozens of stab wounds, and the cause of death was exsanguination. The suspect arrested on suspicion of murder was Terauchi, an ex-boyfriend of Ms. Kawano.

Terauchi apparently ambushed Ms. Kawano near her place of work. Security cameras showed the two of them walking toward Hakata Station, holding umbrellas. While they were walking and talking, they got into an argument. Terauchi pulled Ms. Kawano down and mounted her, and repeatedly and persistently stabbed her with a knife. After the crime, he returned to his apartment, changed out of his bloodstained clothes, and disappeared.

He was taken into custody by the Fukuoka Prefectural Police two days later on the 18th. A “spotting investigator,” who finds a specific person among the crowd, found Terauchi, disguised in glasses and a mask, in Nakasu, a downtown area about 1.5 km from the crime scene. He was in possession of a knife, but he was willing to go along with the investigators and admitted to the crime, saying, ‘I’m sure I stabbed him.

Same grade as Eriko Imai.

Terauchi was born in Fukushima Ward, Osaka City. After dropping out of high school, he worked at restaurants in Roppongi, Tokyo and Minami, Osaka, and moved to Fukuoka about a year ago. He began working part-time at a bar in Nakasu in April of last year. One of the bar’s regular customers was Mr. Kawano.

She once lived in Okinawa in her late teens and was a student at the “Actors School,” which produced Namie Amuro, a former member of “SPEED,” and others. He was in the same grade as Eriko Imai, a former member of “SPEED” and a member of the House of Councilors, and he admired Ms. Amuro.

She came to Fukuoka about 10 years ago. She was married, but after her divorce, she raised her daughter as a single mother. She lives with her parents and her beloved daughter. She met Terauchi at a bar she frequented, and they began dating around last spring.

However, from the beginning of their relationship, Terauchi’s restraints were strong.

Terauchi seems to be a jealous person. He always suspected Ms. Kawano of cheating on him, and had her use a smartphone app that showed his location. He also took her smartphone away from her, which caused the relationship to deteriorate, and we hear that Ms. Kawano told him she was breaking up with him around last fall. Ms. Kawano is said to have told those around her that she was afraid of him because he was too restrictive.

Even after the dissolution of the relationship, Terauchi persistently followed Ms. Kawano around. In October of last year, Ms. Kawano asked the police for a warning, and in November Terauchi began to appear at her workplace, prompting the police to issue an emergency ban under the Stalking Control Law.

In response to the police warning, Terauchi told the police that he would not approach her anymore, but she was not convinced. After that, he persistently contacted Ms. Kawano. When the relationship was terminated, the suspect’s resentment grew, and he is believed to have committed this crime.

According to the National Police Agency, the number of emergency restraining orders issued to Terauchi jumped from 173 in 2004 to 1,671 in 2009. The number of stalker consultations reached 20,000. Ms. Kawano lost her life due to a recrimination by Terauchi. He would have celebrated his 39th birthday on January 18, the day Terauchi was arrested.

When questioned by the police, Terauchi told them that the other party was at fault and offered no apology.

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