13-Year-Old Daughter Stabs Mother to Death in Makinohara, Shizuoka– What is the “True Relationship” between Single Mother and “Daughter in a Box”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

13-Year-Old Daughter Stabs Mother to Death in Makinohara, Shizuoka– What is the “True Relationship” between Single Mother and “Daughter in a Box”?

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It is a small town where all the neighbors know each other. The streets near the scene were cordoned off, and even a police dog was on the scene.

When I looked outside in the middle of the night and saw how noisy it was, I saw a number of police cars parked outside. I didn’t expect a murder case in this town.

A small rural town was in turmoil late at night on January 16. A 13-year-old girl, a first-year junior high school student living in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture, killed her sleeping mother by stabbing her to death with a kitchen knife. It is a tragedy that a girl killed her own mother. The girl told the police that she got into trouble over the use of her smartphone. A junior high school classmate of the murdered mother revealed, “The one who died in the incident was Ms. Yoshi.

I was surprised to hear that it was Y-san (the mother) who died in the incident. She studied calligraphy and had very beautiful handwriting. She was a member of the basketball team in junior high school and was so quiet and serious that I was afraid she would be bullied.

Her mother, Y, grew up in a house where she was murdered with a grandfather known locally as a prominent figure and a father who worked as a manager at a major machinery manufacturer. Y was unremarkable in elementary and junior high school, but her behavior changed after entering high school.

She started smoking cigarettes and finally dropped out of high school. After that, I didn’t hear anything about her for a while, but I heard that she got married to a guy from the next town. However, things didn’t work out with her family over there, and they divorced about the same time their daughter, A, was born, and she returned to her parents’ home.

During A’s childhood, the neighbors often saw her grandmother letting her play in front of the house instead of her mother, who was late getting home. However, as A grew up, the chances of seeing the mother and daughter outside decreased.

The last time I saw the mother and daughter was at a local festival four or five years ago, where A was dressed in a frilly, gothic lolita outfit with ribbons. The mother stood out in her amazing mini-skirt. I saw her room once, and it looked like a dollhouse, with all these dolls lined up in a row. I got the impression that she was a girl in a box.

When A entered junior high school, her grandmother bought her a bicycle to get her to and from school, and recently she has been seen with her grandmother, who takes the bicycle out of storage every morning for A, on her way to and from school.

Whenever I said ‘good morning’ to A-chan, she would ignore me. I never saw her playing outside, so I think she was playing in her room all the time. I thought she was a mysterious child.

What in the world had happened? A relative of the mother and daughter told us what happened just before the incident.

A relative of the mother and daughter told us what had happened just before the incident. My mother told me to thank her properly, and A came to the door and thanked me.

He said that there did not seem to be any problems between mother and daughter.

“The mother, Y, was usually kind, but when she got angry, she would lose her temper and become agitated. I think she was very careful not to say, ‘She’s a single mother. I think she wanted her daughter to wear the best clothes possible.'”

A girl who was bought a lot of things in a wealthy family and shut up in her room. A mother who wanted to raise her daughter carefully but strictly because she was a single mother. This expectation and discipline may have driven the adolescent girl into a corner. This is too tragic. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, we are waiting for the full story to be revealed as soon as possible.

The prefectural central child guidance center where the 13-year-old girl is believed to have been temporarily taken into custody; those under the age of 14 are treated as “juveniles under the law” and are not charged with crimes.
Mother Y in junior high school, posing with her classmate, as the perpetrator girl and her mother grew up in the same house and attended the same elementary and junior high schools.

From the February 10, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi (Children's Ministry)

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