The “Best Golden Ratio Body in the Gladle World” Reaches the Top! The winner of “Japan Race Queen Awards” shows her “bouncing smile”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Best Golden Ratio Body in the Gladle World” Reaches the Top! The winner of “Japan Race Queen Awards” shows her “bouncing smile”.

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Ms. Natori won the Grand Prix. She is also popular as a gravure idol and is active in many other fields.

On January 14, the most popular race queen was announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023.

Since the first contest was held in 2010, the Japan Race Queen Awards will be held for the 12th time this year. Also known as the “general race queen election,” it is the most prestigious competition in Japan. The contest is open to more than 300 race queens who have been active on circuits and in other major categories in Japan in 2022. Starting with the preliminary voting at the Super GT Round 8 (Motegi) held on November 5-6 last year, the top 20 vote-getters from the first stage of fan voting will advance to the final stage. In addition, the grand prize winner and the grand prix winner were decided by fan voting conducted from December 15 to January 5, and the results were announced on the main stage of the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The winner of the beautiful battle was Kurumi Natori from “Pacific Fairies. Last year, Moe Kawase of the same “Pacific Fairies” won the grand prix, making this the first time in history that the same race queen unit has won the grand prix two years in a row.

The five winners, including the Grand Prix winner, were announced. The audience cheered each time a name was called out.

Ms. Natori, who won the grand prix, is a beautiful woman nicknamed “the most golden ratio body in the gradol world. She says that her desire to become a race queen was inspired by her father’s love of two-wheel racing when she was a child, and she had always admired the world of race queens when she saw a race queen sister at the Tsukuba Circuit that her father took her to.

Her childhood dream came true, and in 2021, she was selected as a member of “Pacific Fairies” to begin her activities. She was selected as a finalist in the newcomer category at the Japan Race Queen Awards 2021, and this year she finally won the top position. In an interview with the award winners, she expressed her joy as follows.

I have been able to work as a race queen for Super GT, and this time I even won a prestigious award. It has become an irreplaceable treasure in my life. I will continue to devote myself to my activities with the vigor of overtaking all these wonderful race queens. I hope you will warmly watch over me.

In addition to Natori, who won the grand prize for race queen, many other beautiful companions decorated famous cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon. We would like to take a look back at the event, including the activities of these women.

The production was quite gorgeous, as it was a compilation of the race queens of 2022.
Natori smiling as she holds up her trophy. Her proportions are overwhelmingly beautiful!
Numerous other beautiful women also participated in the Tokyo Auto Salon, adorning famous cars in more than 300 booths.
Another attraction of the Tokyo Auto Salon is the variety of beautiful women in various costumes. Some of them were even dressed up in cosplay!
A beautiful woman dressed as a bunny girl. Many visitors were glued to the booths.
This year’s Auto Salon attracted about 180,000 visitors over the three days. The co-starring of famous cars and beautiful women was intoxicating.
  • Interview and text by Kumiko Kato Photographs Takero Shigumura, Hiroto Kato, Yoshiaki Maruyama

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