Koji Higashino, Masanori Hamada, Masahiro Nakai and Other Big Names Canceling their Programs Due to Sickness | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koji Higashino, Masanori Hamada, Masahiro Nakai and Other Big Names Canceling their Programs Due to Sickness

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Masahiro Nakai (left) and Koji Higashino (right) took a break from their regular programs. Their physical condition is a matter of concern.

Comedian Koji Higashino has been absent from several regular programs, including the January 22 broadcast of “Wide Na Show” (Fuji Television Network). The reason for his absence has been announced as poor health.

Higashino will also appear in the radio program “Koji Higashino’s Honmono Radio” (ABC Radio) on January 20 and “Teach! News Live: Justice no Mikata” (ABC TV) on the 21st.

He was scheduled to appear on the “Matrix Talks” program (NTV) on the 22nd as part of a pre-recorded program. Since he is one of Yoshimoto’s best-selling MCs, the fact that he cancelled three of his appearances has raised concerns on the Internet, such as, “What happened? There were concerns that she might be working too much.”

This month, Downtown’s Masanori Hamada has also been absent from “Dream Tozai Neta Gassen 2023” broadcast on New Year’s Day, “Wolf Boy” (TBS) on the 13th, and “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukiyasanaihende!” (NTV) on the 15th.

Masahiro Nakai of the former SMAP, who has been absent for a long period of time, has only announced that he has been feeling unwell.

All three have not announced that they are suffering from new strains of corona or influenza. If they were sick, there would be no reason for them not to be open about it. The term “poor health” is still a technique used when it is difficult to directly disclose the name of the illness, or when one wants to hide it.

If the name of the disease does not need to be hidden, the specific name of the disease will be announced. On the other hand, in the case of a serious illness that causes extreme concern to the public, an illness of unknown cause, or a mental illness, the illness is often kept secret. The office knows that it is better not to hide the name of the illness as much as possible, because it would cause speculation, but if they want to hide they may announce that the person is not feeling well.

It is true that there are entertainers who take a long leave of absence and then, after many years have passed, laughingly confess, “I actually had a hard time at that time…”

In the case of Mr. Nakai, he was shown in a video losing weight, and the speculation that he was seriously ill followed him around. However, after his return, his appearance returned to normal and he resumed regular TV shows one after another. In fact, he has even teamed up with Hitoshi Matsumoto for a new show.

Hamada, on the other hand, has been absent due to a series of health problems since this month, even though he has recently lost weight but was working hard. Some say that this may be due to the fact that the weekly photo magazine “FLASH” reported his separation from his wife, Natsumi Ogawa.

As for Higashino, he has been talking very clearly and has never seemed to be ill, so many fans would be concerned if he cancels his program due to illness without any explanation.

In any case, all three are middle-aged men in their fifties and as they are turning the corner in the age of 100 years of life, we hope they will continue to lead the entertainment world in good health.

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