Arata Mackenyu’s Pre-Wedding Lovey-Dovey Ginza Date Photo with an Older Ex-actress | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Arata Mackenyu’s Pre-Wedding Lovey-Dovey Ginza Date Photo with an Older Ex-actress

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In May 2009, Tasuku Serious (right) came out of a popular curry restaurant in Harajuku with Mr. A. He was wearing sandals but had a handsome aura. His feet were in sandals, but his handsome aura overflowed.

It was probably an act of filial piety for his late father.

On January 22, the birthday of actor Shinichi Chiba (82 years old), who passed away in August 2009, his sons, Arata Mackenyu (26) and his brother Goatsu Maeda (23), announced their marriage. Both are married to ordinary women. Kensuke commented in a written statement, “We will continue to support each other and take great care of each other.

I hope we can continue to support each other and spend precious time together.

His younger brother, Atsushi Goh, also commented in writing, “I am very happy to have been allowed to start my career as an actor.

It has been about four years since I started my career as an actor, and although I am still a novice with much to learn, I will continue to devote myself even more to my work.

The brothers had decided to announce their marriage on their father Chiba’s birthday. Tasuku’s partner is said to be an “ordinary woman,” but in fact she is a former actress. FRIDAY” (June 4, 2009 issue) caught them on a “Ginza date” with former actress A, who was married to Tasuku. We would like to take a look back at the two, who had been in love with each other since then (some content has been corrected).

Former child actor, retired from show business in his early 20s

At Starbucks, Tasuku bought a caramel Frappuccino.

Tasuku Kenji, dressed in Burberry, appeared at the luxury brand “Hermes” Ginza store in Ginza, Tokyo. Beside him was his girlfriend, Ms. A. The two were enjoying a date in public on May 12, 2009, in the early afternoon.

After parking his chauffeur-driven one-box car in an alley instead of the entrance and exit along the main street, Serious Tasuku was greeted by a staff member and briskly entered the restaurant through the back door. He is indeed a popular seasonal actor. Mr. A, dressed in a white shirt and black pants, followed him.

Mr. A is seven years older than Serious Tasuku. She debuted as a child actor and worked as a model and actress. She was a promising young talent, but I heard that she retired from show business in her early 20s.

In the fall of 2006, Tasuku met Ms. A at a fashion-related photo shoot. They must have felt something for each other at that time.

About six months later, Mr. A heard from Taka of ONE OK ROCK, a mutual acquaintance, and approached him, and the two began dating.

At the time when “FRIDAY” witnessed their “Ginza date,” the two were already living together in a luxury apartment in Tokyo. Tasuku and Ms. A cuddled up to each other with a natural sense of distance. After leaving Hermes, their next destination was a popular curry restaurant in Uraharajuku. After finishing lunch here, they stopped at a nearby Starbucks Coffee for a drink before getting into their car.

After making a few more stops, Ms. A was the only one who drove home to her apartment without him.

Mr. A. Tasuku is based in the U.S., and Ms. A often came to the U.S. to support him. This year, he returned to Japan and registered his marriage with Ms. A at the ward office in Tokyo.

It is said that Tasuku submitted his marriage registration at the same time as his younger brother, Atsushi Goh. Chiba-san in heaven must have congratulated his sons on his own birthday.

After enjoying 20 minutes of shopping at the Hermes Ginza store, the two went to their next destination in a one-box car that was waiting for them in front of the store.
Tasuku Kensuke getting out of the one-box car
Mr. A, who is married to Tasuku
Kensuke came to observe a brass band competition in which his younger brother, Atsushi Goh, performed in high school, photographed in October 2005.
Mr. Chiba and his children in his day. From left to right: Kensuke, his daughter Juri, and Atsushi Goh (from Juri’s SNS).
  • Photography Sota Shima

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