There were reports of “income disparity”… “Rumors” behind the divorce of the “charismatic beauty couple” Megumi Kanzaki and Yusuke Kawakita. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

There were reports of “income disparity”… “Rumors” behind the divorce of the “charismatic beauty couple” Megumi Kanzaki and Yusuke Kawakita.

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On January 10, beauty expert Megumi Kanzaki (47) attended the “Electron Scalp Care Line New Commercial Presentation. She and Goro Inagaki (49), who appeared with her, engaged in light-hearted conversation.

Speaking of Kanzaki, she had just announced her divorce from make-up artist Yusuke Kawakita (48) on New Year’s Eve last year.

Both Kanzaki and Kawakita are sought after by women’s magazines as “beauty charisma. The news was a hot topic because they were known as a loving couple, uploading photos to each other’s social networking sites and blogs.

Kanzaki announced her divorce, saying, “After much discussion, we have come to this decision.

Kanzaki married a professional soccer player in 2000 and had two sons. After her divorce, she remarried Kawakita in 2002 and gave birth to their third son.

Kanzaki has gained popularity as a “mama-san beautician. NEWS POST SEVEN” reported that the reason for their divorce may be the “income disparity” due to Kanzaki’s excessive income, but this is “impossible,” according to a source.

The source said, “This is impossible. I don’t think there is that much of an income disparity between them.

So what was the reason for the divorce? In fact, there has been a buzz in the industry about the couple since last fall. A source mentioned earlier revealed, “Around the end of last year, the beauty industry started to notice the couple’s differences in income.

A person involved in the industry revealed, “Around the end of last year, there were a lot of rumors in the beauty industry about the relationship between the two. They said that they were suspected of having an affair, or that the atmosphere in the home was bad. …… All of these rumors were groundless, but many people knew that they were having some kind of trouble. Last fall, there were reports that they might have separated completely.

At the press conference, Kanzaki behaved stoutly without mentioning the divorce. We hope that Kanzaki will not let the various “rumors” get the better of her and continue to tell her story this year.

Inagaki and Kanzaki, who said they met for the first time on this day, talked in perfect harmony.
  • Photo Kazuhiko Nakamura

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