Kyoko Fukada’s “blue camisole dress is back” will delight fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Fukada’s “blue camisole dress is back” will delight fans…!

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Fukakyou’s majestic appearance on the set of “Lupin’s Daughter”. The day will come when we can see her in good health again!

“I’m happy to report that my body and mind have recovered and I will resume my activities.

Actress Kyoko Fukada posted a “resumption of activities report” on her Instagram account, and it’s causing quite a stir. In May this year, her office announced Fukada’s sudden absence from work. It was also revealed that she had been diagnosed by doctors as suffering from “adjustment disorder”.

Fukada is an extremely popular actress who is also known as the “Miracle of Arapo. She had been extremely busy with movies, TV dramas, and commercials. Even two days before her office announced that she would be taking a break, she had appeared at the unveiling of a new product of a company for which she works as a CM. Incidentally, the office explained that she had been in poor health since last spring, and it seems that she had been overworking herself a lot.

Fukada’s absence was widely covered as news on the Internet and TV, and her fans were very worried. About three months after the announcement, Fukada announced her resumption of activities in her own words.

“I apologize for the worry and inconvenience caused by my sudden absence.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your warm support and encouragement. Thank you very much. I am happy to report that with your support and the rest that you have given me, my mind and body have recovered and I will resume my activities.

It may be a small step at first, but step by step, without forgetting to thank you all, I hope to be able to work in such a way that I can encourage someone or make them feel cheerful like I did.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kyoko Fukada

It is very typical of Fukada to start her writing with an apology. She oozes kindness, caring more for others than for herself.

At the same time, she also posted a photo of herself in a blue camisole dress on Instagram. She is wearing a long dress that is boldly open at the bust, with a very impressive blue flower hairpiece. Fukada is staring straight into the camera, and I can sense the strong determination in her expression.

On the other hand, I’m sure there are many fans who are happy to see her, but wish that she would take it easy on herself. I hope you will do your best at your own pace from now on. ……!

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