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The manga “Sare Tsuma Shita Husband no Koibito-tachi” is Too Disturbing to be True

A husband's infidelity during pregnancy. The "expiration date" of a good marriage leads to a drama.

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Shocking and “ghetto” infidelity of a childless husband. Every day, stories of infidelity dominate the entertainment news. Adultery is a common story, but I would never want my husband or wife to have an affair. It is because they are so close to us, and because other people’s misfortune tastes like honey, that our hearts are stirred and our interest is piqued.

As the title suggests, the theme of this manga is adultery.

Lovers of the “Salewife and Her Husband” by Megumi Muraoka

The main character is Oshida Moka, a “salewife,” or a wife whose husband has an affair. 34-year-old Moka works for a housekeeping service and leads an ordinary but happy life with her husband Masaomi, who has been married for four years. Masaomi is a handsome man who never refuses Moka’s requests.

Moka loves her kind husband Masaomi. At first glance, they seem to be an “ideal couple,” but … (from “Sare Tsuma Shita Husband no Koibito-tachi”)

A cute, smiling wife who is good at housework and a kind husband. The only thing lacking in this seemingly ideal couple is their inability to conceive.

Moka is trying hard to conceive when a friend tells her that Masaomi was walking arm in arm with another woman. At first she cannot believe it, but when she asks Masaomi to have sex with her on the day of ovulation, she is rejected for the first time.

Moka really wants to have a baby with Masaomi. Moka is not willing to have sex with Masaomi because she is tired, but she bows her head and asks him to have sex with her? (From “Lovers of the Sare-wife and the Husband”)

Moka is convinced that Masaomi is “having an affair,” and begins to take action, involving Kazuki Misumi, a novelist whom she met through her housekeeping job.

She is unable to forgive Masaomi. She also feels impatience with the time limit of her impending pregnancy. The realistic emotions of the characters are sympathetic, and the outrageously disturbing expressions shown by the always smiling Moka make the reader feel nervous.

Moka sneaks out of her bedroom in the middle of the night to confirm the identity of the “unknown scent” coming from Masaomi’s shirt. The insane expression on the usually cheerful Moka’s face is horrifying! From “Sare Tsuma Shitaho no Koibito-tachi” (Lovers of Wives and Husbands)

Another thing we can’t take our eyes off is the relationship between Triangle and Moka. The aloof, Kansai-speaking Tomoka is a single male who lives in a retro house. Apparently, he has experienced his wife running away from him. As he listens to her story to broaden his horizons as a novelist, Triangle ends up helping her tail Masaomi. What will become of the instant buddy relationship between Momoka and Sankaku?

And above all, it is the human heart that thinks, “I hope the bad guys get punished! That is the human heart. Masaomi’s backstage face, which is revealed in the story, is very self-centered. Will Masaomi’s handsome husband really be punished?”

In the third volume, to be released on January 20, 2023, Moka finally makes a big move. This work is packed with interesting points, such as the prick husband’s infidelity, expectations for a cool development, and the relationship with Sankaku. One cannot take one’s eyes off what will happen to the good friends.

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Free access to episodes 1-3 of "Sare Tsuma Shita Husband no Koibito-tachi" (Lovers of Sare Tsuma and Shita's Husband)!

  • Text by Ryoko Nakagawa

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