Separation report…Masanori Hamada’s “3-year affair” with a gradol who kept betraying his wife, Natsumi Ogawa. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Separation report…Masanori Hamada’s “3-year affair” with a gradol who kept betraying his wife, Natsumi Ogawa.

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Hamada waits in the car for Ms. A, who went shopping at a convenience store in 2002.

On January 16, “FLASH” reported that “Downtown” couple Masanori Hamada (59) and Natsumi Ogawa (60), known as a loving couple, are currently living separately. According to the article, Ogawa does not live in the mansion in Seijo (Setagaya Ward), Tokyo, which is their home, but lives alone in a super-luxury rental apartment in central Tokyo. The article also includes a photo of Ogawa entering her apartment after finishing a stage performance in early December, after shopping at a high-end supermarket. According to a resident of the apartment where Ogawa lives, Ogawa moved to a new apartment “probably within the last one or two years. As to the cause, the article states.

The article also mentions that “the separation is a ‘counterattack’ by Ms. Ogawa” (from a TV source).

The article also suggested that the reason for the separation may be related to “Masanori Hamada’s treacherous 3-year affair with a 29-year-old F-cup gradol,” which was reported in the June 27 issue of FRIDAY in 2002. But more than eight years have passed since then. What exactly happened to the couple? Let us take a look back at Hamada’s “3-year affair.

Betrayal of a 29-year-old F-cup gradol in a 3-year affair

Ms. A gets out of the car driven by Hamada and heads for a convenience store.

In March 2002, a white American car driven by Hamada stopped in front of a convenience store late at night, and a petite woman got out of the passenger seat. At the time, Ms. A was active as a gravure idol. After buying some magazines and other items, she returned to the car and started off. After returning to her car after buying some magazines, she drove off and entered a designer condominium in a prestigious area of Meguro Ward. The condominium is built on a large plot of land with only five rooms. Each unit has a garage and a home elevator, ensuring almost complete privacy. The rent was no less than 1 million yen per month. At the time, Hamada was repeatedly meeting Mr. A in this condominium.

An acquaintance of Ms. A told this magazine at the time, “They started dating.

A friend of Ms. A’s told this magazine at the time, ” I think it was a little after that that the two started dating. A short time after that, A-chan was seen on “Heihachiro Kijima” and “Hama-chan! (Yomiuri TV, etc.), and Hamada-san’s programs started inviting A-chan many times, so there were rumors among my friends that Hama-chan might have become A-chan’s mistress. (TV sales), and Hamada-san’s show many times.

In fact, FRIDAY had also frequently seen the two of them going in and out of this other house together in the summer of 2011, three years prior to this. In other words, over a period of three years, Hamada had been going to the house and having an affair with Ms. A. At the time, “FRIDAY” had reported on the affair with Ogawa.

At the time, “FRIDAY” directly interviewed Ogawa. However, his response was surprisingly calm.

She said, “(The couple) is getting along very well. There is no divorce or anything. Even if that were the case (adultery), he is not the kind of person who would break up a family. We’ve been married for 25 years. He is a comedian, so I have been prepared for that since the day we got married.

If it’s just for fun, does that mean you forgive him?” When asked, “If it’s just for fun, do you mean you forgive him?

He replied, “That’s totally fine. As long as it’s good for his art. If he becomes unattractive to women, it will be the end of him as a comedian, and I think it’s cool for him to be popular. (I have no complaints because (Hamada) takes good care of me.

I have no complaints. However, eight and a half years later, the “separation report” came out.

Ogawa, who spoke politely and with a smile from time to time when directly interviewed by this magazine (in 2002), said, “People around me say, ‘I don’t want to go against my wife.

He told people around him that he would be killed if he disobeyed his wife.

FLASH, which reported the couple’s separation, carried the following comment from a TV insider about their affair over the past 14 years.

The TV source said, “They actually had a ‘shuraba’ (a rough patch). Mr. Hamada was forced to fully admit his fault, and he got down on his knees and apologized. Since then, the power relationship between the couple has been overwhelmingly dominated by Ms. Ogawa.

Did Hamada’s admission of the affair and apology to Ogawa not calm her anger? Or were there new sparks smoldering?

What is Hamada thinking now about his wife’s “counterattack” after 33 years of marriage?

Hamada and Mr. A chatting in the car.
June 23, 1989 issue: We directly interviewed Hamada and Ogawa when they came out of a hotel together during their relationship. Four months later, they got married.
Hamada has yet to comment on the issue.
Downtown duo. Will the day come when Matsumoto teases this issue?
Their son, Hama Okamoto.
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