“Mako has become beautiful.” Imperial family journalists congratulate her on her new start. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Mako has become beautiful.” Imperial family journalists congratulate her on her new start.

"Mako is not joining the Komuro family." Good luck with this marriage, which has overcome many difficulties.

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On the 25th, Mako entered the Sento temporary palace in Takanawa, Tokyo. This completes the series of events prior to her marriage. Finally, marriage. Congratulations! Photo: Kyodo News

“Mako has become beautiful, hasn’t she? With her single eyelid and long slit eyes, she looks a lot like Empress Yoshiko of the Showa era. Now that she’s getting ready to get married, she’s really looking beautiful.

Midori Watanabe, an imperial family journalist, congratulated Mako on the 30th birthday video released on the 23rd. Midori Watanabe, a journalist of the Imperial Family, covered the marriage of Princess Michiko as a director of Nippon Television Network Corporation. In the 60 years since then, she has covered the Imperial Family as well as many overseas royal families. He is almost the only journalist in the imperial family who has consistently supported Mako’s marriage during the past few months when the bashing of her marriage has been raging like a storm.

“Michiko has said that marriage is something for her to decide. Michiko has said that marriage is for the individual to decide, and Prince Akishino, who was raised by Michiko, has educated his children to respect individual freedom. And then there are the changes of the times. The fact that Mako and Kei Komuro met at university, nurtured their love, and managed to get married despite the concerns of those around them, gives me a sense of strength. That’s what I’d expect from the royal family.

And the dignity.

In the “birthday video” that was released, she is shown strolling in the garden with her younger sister, Kako. The two princesses shine in the autumn sunlight.

“Mako seems to have lost some weight. Her jawline is sharp and she looks intelligent. And above all, what struck me was the The V What struck me more than anything else was the beauty of her collarbone visible through the V-neck top.

In Europe, the collarbone peeking out from the décolleté of a dress is a major element of a woman’s beauty. In Europe, the collarbone is a major factor in a woman’s beauty, and there is even a term for a woman with a dimple in her collarbone, as if water were pooling there, “collarbone beauty.

When I interviewed women from the British royal family, I was impressed by the way they showed off their clavicles and their beauty.

Since Mako is going to be living in New York from now on, this kind of attire may be a reflection of her awareness of living abroad.

In the “birthday video,” there was a scene where Mako’s face changed from a gloomy expression to a beaming smile. In the “birthday video,” there was a scene where she changed from a gloomy expression to a beaming smile.

“It is said that women who are about to get married become more beautiful, but I feel that the current Princess Mako is particularly confident and even dignified, having overcome great hardships.

Mako is not “joining the Komuro family.

Today, the 26th, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro will submit their marriage registration. Some reports have mistakenly referred to this as a “joining of the family,” but this is the first marriage for both of them. Mako will leave the imperial family register upon her marriage, and Komuro will also become independent from his parents’ family register upon his marriage. The two will create a “new family register.

According to Japanese law, when a new family register is created, either the husband’s or the wife’s surname is chosen, but since Mako does not have a surname, her name will probably be “Komuro. However, this is only a new family register. Mako will not “join the Komuro family register,” but will create a new family register and start a new family.

“On the occasion of the birth of her first grandchild, Mako, Michiko wrote the following poem.

“The light of spring, the softness of the field I’ll put my Midori-go on the grass.

It must be sad for you to go abroad. But I am sure that she will be sent off with a smile on her face. I, too, sincerely wish for the happiness of Princess Mako, who possesses both beauty and wisdom.

The video provided by the Imperial Household Agency, “Mako turns 30, her last birthday as a member of the Imperial Family,” was shot on October 8. The smile on her face in the last scene is dazzling.

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