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Former Girlfriend Exposes Popular Korean Actor’s “Lies” to Force Abortion

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K, a famous actor who was forced to have an abortion by a former boyfriend, has dropped out of many of his TV shows (Image: Kyodo News)

[Seth] “I’m going to accuse popular actor K of being thick-skinned.

A post with this title posted on the Internet on October 17 has caused a huge uproar in the Korean entertainment industry.

The author of the post is a woman named A, who claims to be a former girlfriend of “popular actor K.” According to the accusation, A and K were involved in an affair. According to the accusation, Ms. A and K started dating around the beginning of 2008. However, Ms. A was treated badly by K, and even now she is suffering from mental and physical trauma. The accusation is harsh.

K is considered kind by his fans, but he was a person without a shred of conscience or guilt.

What happened to him? According to the accusation, he lied to Ms. A and made her abort the baby she was carrying.

She wrote: “K said that if I had a baby, I would have to pay 900 million won (about 90 million yen) in damages to my sponsors. She also said that if she couldn’t act anymore because of the child, what would she do if she lost her way? However, it turned out that I didn’t have to pay any penalties. He lied to me and forced me to have an abortion.

A former entertainment reporter revealed “K’s” real name.

When Ms. A had the abortion, K’s attitude changed drastically.

Before, he used to say, “Let’s get married in two years” and “Let’s live together,” but after the abortion, his attitude completely changed. He was always irritable and had a lot of ups and downs. She became angry and demanded that I delete the photos of us (on my smartphone, etc.).

She tried to pretend that our relationship had never happened. In the end, K lied to me and forced me to have an abortion, but she never apologized and unilaterally told me she was leaving me.

According to Ms. A, K gave her 2 million won (about 200,000 yen) for the abortion surgery and ended the relationship.

Soon after, something happened that made the commotion even bigger. On the 18th, the day after the accusation was made, a former entertainment reporter and YouTube star declared that the actor K who had been dating Ms. A was “Kim Sung-ho (35). Kim is one of Korea’s top actors who has appeared in many dramas and movies such as “Startup: The Door of Dreams” and “Cha Cha Cha Umi” and has won many awards including the “2017 MBC Acting Awards Male Newcomer Award”. He has a refreshing smile that attracts many female fans.

The revelation of a scandal involving a major star quickly caused a huge uproar in the Korean entertainment industry. TV stations and movie companies were inundated with complaints from viewers who demanded that the unscrupulous Kim Sung-ho be removed from the show.

“On the 20th, Kim acknowledged the facts and apologized through his agency. It’s not that I don’t like him. However, due to my unawareness and lack of thoughtfulness in my words and actions, I have deeply hurt her. I’m really sorry for disappointing all the people who believed in me.

The cost of the scandal was great. She dropped out of all her regular variety shows and movies that were scheduled to start filming in March next year. She had been used as an image character in advertisements for more than 10 companies, but one after another, companies are deleting Kim’s related photos and videos.

On October 20, Ms. A added a note to her accusation. He (Kim) apologized to me. He (Kim) apologized to me and said that there was some misunderstanding between us. Kim will have to spend some time reflecting on her unconscious words and actions.

  • Photo Kyodo News Agency

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