Keloid sequelae for life”…Sentence sought for 6 years for defendant of sulfuric acid to a junior “I fed him slugs” when he was a bully. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keloid sequelae for life”…Sentence sought for 6 years for defendant of sulfuric acid to a junior “I fed him slugs” when he was a bully.

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In August 2009, defendant Hanamori was transferred to the Takanawa Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

He was transferred to the Takanawa Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in August 2009. I hope he will serve at least 12 years in prison.”

The courtroom was quiet as the victim’s opinion was read on her behalf. The prosecution argued that the defendant was criminally responsible. As a factor, they claimed that “the aftereffects of the keloids left on the victim’s face will last a lifetime.

At the trial held on January 11 at the Tokyo District Court, the prosecution sought six years in prison for Hirotaka Hanamori, 26, who is charged with assault and other crimes. In August 2009, Hanamori ambushed Mr. A, 23, a junior student at university, for approximately 3 hours. In August 2009, Hanamori allegedly ambushed Mr. A, 23, a junior student at the university, and poured highly concentrated sulfuric acid on him inside Shirokane-Takanawa Station (Minato-ku, Tokyo) on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line, causing him to suffer serious injuries that would require approximately three months to heal.

Mr. Hanamori followed Mr. A, a junior student at the University of the Ryukyus who worked for a real estate company in Akasaka, Tokyo, to commit the crime, and Mr. A suffered severe burns and sores on his face and chest. The next day, Hanamori fled to Okinawa. The next day, Hanamori fled to Okinawa, where he was hiding out in a park in Nakagusuku Village, near where he was hiding.

Hanamori and Mr. A belonged to the same “University of the Ryukyus Film Society,” and when Mr. A met Hanamori by chance on a street in Tokyo in July 2009, Hanamori told him that he had called him names as a “tame” when he was in college and that he resented him. Since then, Hanamori had been following her several times until the incident occurred.

In an article distributed on September 10, 2010, “FRIDAY Digital” introduced Hanamori’s “bully boy” days based on the testimonies of those involved. We would like to look back on Hanamori’s life leading up to the incident (the content of the article has been partially revised).

Grasshoppers as pencil sharpeners: ……

Upon receiving the news of the incident, a person who knew Hanamori from his elementary school days testified as follows

I was surprised when I immediately realized, ‘It’s Hanamori-kun! I was surprised. The reason why I remembered him is because Hanamori-kun was a notorious bully at school. He would sneak around and relentlessly bully kids he didn’t like. He even forced the boy to eat caterpillars and slugs.

Hanamori was born in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture. He had a father who was a well-known osteopath and a mother who was Chinese and a medical professional. Although they were well-off, they were kept at a distance by those around them. A classmate from elementary school recalls the following

[Joon’s father] was busy with work and didn’t interact with him much, but he was very attached to his mother and often spoiled her. He was good at studying but not good at sports, and he did not participate in many school events such as sports festivals. He floated around in class and was always alone.

I sometimes broke every single one of the exhibits that everyone in the class had made, or stuffed live grasshoppers into the pencil sharpener shared by the class. He was quick to lose his temper, and people thought he was creepy.

As mentioned above, Hanamori was a persistent bully to his classmates. The mother of one of his classmates continued, “Hanamori’s bullying was very aggressive.

Hanamori-kun’s bullying became quite an issue at the parents’ meeting, and the details of the bullying made me want to turn away. There were stories not only of violence such as throwing stones at the targeted child and beating him, but also of feeding him insects and cow dung. He would grab his tormentor’s weakness and mentally push him to the edge, telling him, “If you tell on me, I’ll kill you.

When Hanamori entered a local junior high school and then a private high school, he became even more isolated. He changed his environment at university, where he met Mr. A. He understood that Mr. A “spoke to him as if he were a friend.

Hanamori committed the crime for the unfathomable reason that he “talked to her as if she was a friend. Did the incident stem from the refracted emotions that had been smoldering inside him since childhood? The verdict is scheduled to be handed down on February 28.

  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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