Exceptions to the right to arrest upon return to the U.S.: “The seriousness of the police” when Congressman Gershey was “raided” at his “affiliated places.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Exceptions to the right to arrest upon return to the U.S.: “The seriousness of the police” when Congressman Gershey was “raided” at his “affiliated places.”

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Councillor Gershey raided at his related offices (from his official YouTube channel)

Councillor Gershey, a member of the House of Councilors of the NHK Party, is finally in big trouble.

On January 12, the Yomiuri Shimbun and NTV reported that the Metropolitan Police Department had raided the offices of Councilor Gershey on suspicion of threatening several celebrities through YouTube, SNS, and other video distribution services.

Several celebrities have filed complaints alleging threats and defamation, prompting the Metropolitan Police Department to conduct a serious search.

The raids were conducted on the former and current representatives of the company that manages the video-sharing site’s revenue. Councilman Gershie perpetrated the fraud by claiming to be meeting with BTS and is still hiding out in Dubai.

He had stated that he intends to make his first appearance in the ordinary session of the Diet to be convened this month, and that he would also agree to a voluntary hearing requested by the police. However, now that the police have been alerted, they are finally planning to get to the bottom of the matter. I think it is safe to say that a siege is being laid for the arrest of Senator Garcy.

In addition to the revelations of celebrities such as Go Ayano and Yu Shirota, Garcie has also taken on Rakuten Chairman Hiroshi Mikitani and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara, a close ally of Prime Minister Kishida. We don’t know which one of these is the direct reason, but there is no doubt that the police are getting serious.

Even before he was elected, Rep. Gershey said he wanted to become a member of the National Assembly in order to gain arrest immunity. That is one of the reasons he intends to return to Japan during this month’s regular parliamentary session, and there is a possibility that he will not be arrested.

However, according to Article 33 of the Diet Law, there are exceptions to the Diet member’s privilege of non-arrest, one of which is when the House of Councilors to which he belongs approves. One is when the House of Councillors to which they belong is in session, and the other is when they are caught red-handed outside the House of Councillors. Since the police are showing their seriousness, I think there is a possibility that they will make an exception and make an arrest.

If he is arrested and charged, a resolution recommending his resignation may be submitted, but it is not legally binding, and if he does not comply, he will continue to be a member of the Diet. The position of a member of the National Assembly, elected as a representative of the people, is that much more protected.

Even when it was learned that Rep. Gershey had been requested by the police for a voluntary interview.

He said, “I’ll give you guys a month free (of paid online salon) and you’ll spread (the revelations) thoroughly. (If we don’t know who (the accuser) is, we’ll all go in jointly and severally liable.

I’ll make it so you won’t even know where they are. If you can’t say something to my face, then don’t do it, you scum!

he said in a video broadcast declaring war.

The X-Day may be approaching….

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