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Mako and Kei Komuro: Four Years from Engagement to Marriage in Secret Photos

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Mako Komuro and Kei attend a wedding press conference at a hotel in Tokyo on Oct. 26.

“Kei is an irreplaceable person. Marriage was necessary for us to live our lives while carefully protecting our hearts.

Mako Komuro, 30, looked straight ahead as she spoke at her wedding press conference at a hotel in Tokyo on October 26.

In the morning of that day, an official of the Imperial Household Agency submitted the marriage registration of Mako and Kei Komuro (30) on her behalf, and they became husband and wife. At the press conference, Kei spoke of his unchanging feelings for Mako.

I love Mako,” he said. It is thanks to the people who have supported me that I have been able to maintain my desire to spend my life with Mako.

The road to marriage was not a smooth one. The road to marriage was not a smooth one. The main obstacle was the financial trouble between Kei’s mother, Kayo, and her former fiancé.

“Mako’s father, His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino, has often said at his birthday press conference in November 2006, ‘We can’t hold the ‘Nousai-no-gi’ ceremony, the so-called engagement ceremony, unless many people are satisfied and happy with the situation. It was difficult for us to get married unless the problem was solved.

However, on the occasion of their marriage, not only the “Noh-ai Ceremony” but also the “Asami Ceremony,” in which they expressed their gratitude to Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, has not been held. Mako also declined the lump-sum payment of about 140 million yen to be given upon her departure from the Imperial Household. By saying that her marriage to Kei is not related to the Imperial Family, the hurdle has been lowered.

It has been four years since Mako and Kei held their informal engagement press conference in September 2005. It has been four years since Mako and Kei held an informal engagement press conference in September 2005, and we take a look back at how they overcame adversity to get married, along with some treasured photos.

The true face of the “prince of the sea” who won Mako over (May 2005)

Kei is escorted to work by members of the Imperial Household Agency. He is fluent in English and scored 950 on the TOEIC test when he was a student.

It was May 2005 when Mako’s engagement was announced. At the time, the whole of Japan was in a celebratory mood.

Kei was a classmate of Mako’s at International Christian University (ICU). Kei, who has a fresh face, also devoted himself to another job while he was a student. In 2010, he entered a contest held by the city’s tourism association and won the title of “Prince of the Sea.

The two met in June 2012. A year later, Kei proposed to her at the young age of 21. They dated in Yokohama and Shonan, and continued their relationship for five years.

At the time, Kei was living with her mother, Kayo, and her grandfather in an apartment in Yokohama City, and commuting to her workplace in Tokyo.

After the death of her husband, Kayo raised her son by herself. It was reported that she and Kei went to work together every morning.
Kei and Kayo drive home after their engagement to Mako was confirmed.

Behind the Scenes of the “Agonizing Decision” to Postpone Marriage (February 2006)

The postponement of a wedding-related event for a member of the Imperial Family is highly unusual. Behind the postponement of the marriage was the financial trouble of Ms. Kayo, which was reported in some weekly magazines.

“The postponement of Kei and Mako’s marriage was announced in February 2006, citing “lack of preparation. Although there have been cases where marriage-related events have been postponed due to natural disasters or mourning, it was an unusual situation to stop all related ceremonies.

Behind the scenes, there was a circumstance that can only be described as “unheard of” for the Imperial Family. After the death of her husband in 2002, Kayo met a foreign trading company employee in his 60s through an acquaintance, and they became engaged.

During that period, Kayo received about 4 million yen in aid from the trading company man for Kei’s tuition fees and funds to study in the U.S., but the situation suddenly changed with the breakup. However, the situation suddenly changed when the couple broke up. When the man demanded a refund, Kayo insisted that the money had been given as a gift, leading to a quagmire of trouble.

“Mako was so shocked by the news that she began to stay in her room more often. Even so, Mako’s feelings toward Komuro did not change. It took the Imperial Household Agency a long time to persuade her.

Around this time, dark clouds began to loom over their marriage.

On the day when the postponement of the marriage was announced, Kei came out of the law office where he worked. She bows deeply to the press.
Kei commutes to work on the train with SP. None of the passengers noticed.

Kayo resumes her “part-time life” earning 120,000 yen a month (May 2006)

Kayo changes into her work clothes and heads to the cake shop where she works part-time. She looks a little more tired than she did when she announced her engagement.

Two months after the sudden announcement of the postponement of their marriage. Two months after the sudden announcement of the postponement of their marriage, Kayo was seen in a shopping street in Meguro Ward, Tokyo. After about 50 minutes, she came out, changed into white work clothes, and walked quickly into a long-established cake shop across the street from her office. This cake shop is Kayo’s workplace.

This magazine interviewed Kayo directly after she left her workplace about the debt problem, but she only replied, “I’m sorry. She then ran off.

Kei is on her way to the lawyer’s office where she works as a paralegal. He is accompanied by an SP, and the monthly security fee is said to amount to about 5 million yen.

I’ve got a direct shot at Kei! ”Who’s going to pay for me to study in the U.S.?” (July, 2006)

Kei and Kayo go to work together. Kayo is wearing a bright light blue dress, perhaps in a good mood after deciding to study abroad.

While the fate of his marriage to Mako is still undecided, Kei has announced that he will attend law school in the U.S. from August 2006, aiming to become a lawyer. While Kayo’s debt problem is still unresolved, how will she pay for her study abroad program, which will cost no less than 20 million yen? This happened in the midst of the growing public opposition to their marriage.

I asked Kei directly about the study abroad program as he was leaving for work, but he didn’t respond to any of my questions. He and Kayo walked quickly away to the nearest station.

The two of them walked to work in close proximity. The announcement of Kayo’s study abroad before her financial troubles were cleared up was met with an outpouring of dissatisfaction from the public.
The two were escorted by SP. Since the huge security costs have been paid for by taxpayers, I think they have a responsibility to explain about studying abroad. ……
Photo taken in July ’18. Kei (far right) attends a meeting at her apartment. She seemed to be out of her mind and asked again, “Oh, I’m sorry. ……
Kei is leaving for the United States.

Direct hit after the part! The meaning of the smile Kayo showed to this magazine (December 2008)

Kayo’s smile was clearly visible even through her mask. I wonder if she was relieved that Kei’s marriage had moved forward.

With their marriage postponed, Kei is attending Fordham University School of Law in New York, and his financial base is precarious. The financial troubles between Kayo and her former fiancé have not been resolved.

However, in November 2008, Prince Akishino held a press conference prior to his birthday at the Akasaka East Residence and said that he would approve of the marriage between his eldest daughter, Mako, and Kei. In addition, her former fiancé, Mr. A, also said that Kayo would not have to pay back her debt of 4 million yen. As a result, Mako and Kei’s marriage, which had been in the doldrums, began to show signs of taking a big step forward.

In early December of the same year, this magazine visited the confectionery store in question to ask about Kayo’s feelings. Just before 6:00 p.m., Kayo left the thriving store and went to the employee’s office. In less than five minutes, she changed into her casual clothes and came out. I called out to Kayo as she hurriedly walked toward the nearest station, but she remained silent.

However, when the reporter asked, “Does that mean you can’t say anything?” a rare expression appeared on her face. He smiled, which was clearly visible even through the mask, and bailed.

He then quickly returned to a blank expression and ignored the question again. Finally.

“Thank you for your hard work.

He said a few words and walked quickly into the crowd of people.

The smile on Kayo’s face was unintentional, as she had never shown any signs of weakness before. Behind the smile, I could see that she could not hide her happiness that Kei’s marriage had moved forward.

In September of this year, Kei returned to Japan from the U.S., and the story of Mako Komuro’s marriage quickly progressed. After overcoming many difficulties, their happy newlywed life in the U.S. is finally about to begin.

On her way home from her part-time job at a confectionery store, Kayo went shopping at the supermarket. She bought radishes, horse mackerel, and cream croquettes.
She was wearing a blue coat and a blue muffler, and had dyed her hair brown for a makeover.
Noriko at the ceremony to announce her succession to the throne in November last year.
August of this year. Prince Akishino at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. IOC President Bach on the left.
Princess Mako and her younger sister Kako enter the Imperial Palace on September 23 this year.
Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27.
Mr. Komuro returned to Japan on September 27.
Kei cuts his hair and heads for the Akasaka Imperial Villa on October 18 for a wedding press conference.
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