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Anne & Higashide, Shinohara & Ichimura… Happy images of divorced celebrity couples “before they parted”.

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Anzu and Higashide walking together in friendship. There is no going back to these days. ……. Taken in 2004.

It was in July last year that actress Anne (35), who had been living apart from her ex-husband, actor Masahiro Higashide (33), due to an affair he had with her, announced their divorce. They ended their marriage of about five and a half years. However, despite the turmoil, Anne’s reputation is said to be on the rise.

“She put her child’s future first and was generous in not asking for alimony from Higashide’s side. Many female fans admire the way she balances her work and raising her three children as a single mother, and she is very popular with sponsors. In fact, the commercials in which Anzu appears, such as “Mitsukan” and “Shiseido,” would not have been chosen if they did not have a high level of support from women.

Infidelity, disagreements, and financial troubles. There are many reasons why celebrity couples divorce. Of course, when they first got married, they must have been living in harmony with each other without any problems. We’d like to show you some of the happy moments of these celebrities before they parted ways with their treasured photos.

A moment at a toy store five years ago: ……

A date at an Italian restaurant right after the discovery of the first child’s pregnancy. Ichimura was gently escorting Shinohara, who was very heavy.

It was dinner time one day. One day at dinnertime, the elevator doors of a multi-tenant building opened and a little boy ran out. “Hey! The mother, Ryoko Shinohara (48), scolded him with a laugh. The mother, Ryoko Shinohara (48), laughed and scolded him, followed by Masachika Ichimura (72), who warned in a baritone voice, “Watch out!

After catching up with their son at a red light, the family went into a nearby toy store.

Ichimura: “Let’s buy one of these, too, a nervous breakdown!

Shinohara: “I thought it was good too! We can all play together.

Ichimura “Let’s take it to the hot spring.

Shinohara “I like it too! While showing his playful side, Ichimura turned to his beloved wife and suddenly said, “I didn’t think green looked so good on you.

“I didn’t think green would look so good on you.

Shinohara asked back, “What? Shinohara asked back.

“Shinohara asked back, “The (green) coat!

He showed his white teeth. This is the ideal family.

“We had been living apart since the summer of 2008. Shinohara moved to a high-class apartment about 10 minutes away from her house. Shinohara only came home on Saturdays and Sundays, leaving Ichimura in charge of raising the children. It seems that Shinohara was the one who initiated the breakup,” said an entertainment industry executive.

The divorce was announced in July of this year. In July of this year, the divorce was announced and Ichimura, who is over 70 years old, was given custody of the child.

The “determination” shown by the wife in the family register

Honami Suzuki and Takaaki Ishibashi, who chose to divorce after 23 years, photographed in Hawaii in 1999.

“In July of this year, Takaaki Ishibashi (60) of “Tonneruzu” fame and actress Honami Suzuki (55) announced their divorce on the YouTube channel “Taka Channel. The video was timed to disappear after about 12 hours, and was viewed a total of nearly 1.6 million times. From now on, the two of them will…

“We will build a new partnership as the president of our agency and our actors.

It says. At the end of the video, a two-shot photo of Ishibashi and Suzuki was shown, and in contrast to Ishibashi’s straight face, Suzuki’s smile was impressive.

“It was Honami who said goodbye to him. The reason why she chose to get a divorce was because she wanted to get away from Mr. Ishibashi, not because she wanted to get married and live a separate life. At the same time, it is an expression of her determination to restart a new life,” said a sports journalist.

Mysterious life together with her ex-husband

Yukina Kinoshita, who retired from the entertainment industry, is still very close to her husband Fujimon, whom she divorced at the end of 2007.

In the evening of June this year, a beautiful woman with long flashy blond hair and a dress was seen in a quiet residential area in Tokyo. She is Yukina Kinoshita, 33, who announced her retirement from the entertainment industry last July after the “tapioca scandal. She was walking with her second daughter and a small man. They look like they are getting along well.

The man who walks with her is known for his tsukkomi, “You have a big face! The man walking with her is her ex-husband, Satoshi Fujimoto (50) of FUJIWARA ……. He is an athletic, thin, macho man with tanned, wheat-colored skin.

It is said that the two have already started dating.

“I heard that they met through a mutual acquaintance after Kinoshita’s retirement from the entertainment industry last year. Miyuki trains hard every day, but she frequently visits Kinoshita’s house, an hour and a half away after practice. I’ve already introduced him to her daughters, and I’ve heard that they both miss him very much. They spend a lot of time together as a family and are said to be living together half the time.

As this magazine reported in the June 19, 2008 issue, Fujimon is still living in the same apartment building as Yukina, albeit on a different floor.

A direct hit on Yukkina can be found at …….

— “Does Fujimoto-san still live in the same apartment?

“Yes, I do. Yes, I do.”

–Do you know about her relationship with Miyuki?

“Yes, I do know that I have a …… ‘special someone’ in my life.

Every ex-couple’s relationship is different. However, it seems that all celebrities share the same wish for their partner’s happiness even after divorce.

Taiwanese table tennis player Jiang and Ai Fukuhara announced their marriage at a hotel in Tokyo. The wedding ring is said to have cost 30 million yen, taken in 2004.
Yoko Kumada in the midst of divorce talks, photographed in September 2011.
Mr. and Mrs. Saotome and Mr. and Mrs. Nishiyama leave the Western-style restaurant after about 30 minutes. There was little conversation on the way home, as if they were a married couple.
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