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What mentalist DaiGo fears most as he continues to cancel ads

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What is YouTube’s “Three Strikes System”…

Not only internet users but also companies are saying “no” to Mentalist DaiGo after he caused a firestorm with his “I don’t care about the lives of the homeless” comment in a live broadcast he made on August 7, 2021.

The biggest move of all was the apology and refraining from commercial advertising by Qvou, the company that sells “Kirishima Natural Water Nomu Silica,” for which DaiGo was an ambassador (an image character to promote a product, like a tourism ambassador).

The company, which sells natural water containing the mineral ingredient silica, announced in April 2020 that mentalist DaiGo would be its ambassador. In addition to appearing in advertisements, the product was probably highly effective in advertising, as it was casually placed in the room where the live streaming of the mentalist DaiGo was being filmed.

However, on August 14, after the homeless comment, the company posted an apology on its official website. “The company announced that it would refrain from using mentalist DaiGo in its commercials and advertisements for the time being, saying, “We sincerely apologize for the discomfort we have caused many people.

The company had been supporting the homeless by providing soup kitchens and helping out in soup cars, but the ambassador’s comments about denying the lives of the people they were supporting must have been unsettling.

It is only natural that the company refrained from using the ambassador in commercials and advertisements.

“Wall-to-wall bookshelf maker apologizes

Ltd., the manufacturer of the wall-to-wall bookshelf familiar from the live-streaming of Mentalist DaiGo, has deleted the page of Mentalist DaiGo that was posted as a case study. They later issued an apology.

The bookshelf that covered the entire wall was from the company’s “margherita” storage furniture series, and unlike other users’ case studies, Mentalist DaiGo was included in the photo, which was full of publicity, but the whole thing was deleted.

Strangely enough, the apology itself was deleted before long, and the only record of DaiGo’s involvement with “margherita” is now on the company’s SNS account.

In addition, the titles “Advisor to Genesis Healthcare” and “Specially Appointed Professor at Niigata Rehabilitation University” have also disappeared from the author page of Toyo Keizai Online.

When I checked the website, I could not find any particular announcement from Genesis Healthcare.

On the other hand, Niigata Rehabilitation University made an announcement denying the relationship in the wake of the flames, stating that “the term of appointment of Mentalist DaiGo is from the fiscal year 2008 to 2008, and we have no involvement with him after that.

I don’t know about the former, but I am sure that they didn’t want Mentalist DaiGo to use that title after the flames broke out.

I wonder if there will be any new companies or organizations that will use the Mentalist DaiGo in the future. It is expected that he will continue to refrain from using his name for a while, but we don’t know if he will be able to come back to life just because of what he said.

Deleting dozens of past videos on YouTube

However, more than these cancellations, what Mentalist DaiGo is probably most afraid of now is the banning of his YouTube channel.

Immediately after the flames broke out, people were saying , “If you want to help so badly, why don’t you donate your own money? “However, it turned out that he had deleted (or made private) dozens of videos from his channel after a while (according to Eutra).

It’s not uncommon for them to just delete the videos in question, but when they also delete unrelated videos, it’s safe to say that they are concerned about being banned by Google, the company that runs YouTube.

This is because YouTube uses a “three strikes” system, meaning that the first warning will only result in a one-week suspension, but if a second or third warning is issued within 90 days of the first warning, the channel will be deleted.

If there were any other problematic videos left besides the homeless comment, the first, second, and third three-out would be counted at once, so it is assumed that the videos were removed first to avoid that.

So far, Google has not made any announcement, but I wonder if DaiGo’s series of comments mean that there is no problem with the company’s decision. ……

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    Born in 1983. Living in Fukuoka, he has been working as a freelance writer since 2007, specializing in verifying inflammatory incidents and hoaxes mainly on the Internet.

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