Popular Actress Sairi Ito Responds Stoutly to Allegations of Two-Timing by Her Boyfriend 18 Years Older Than Her | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Popular Actress Sairi Ito Responds Stoutly to Allegations of Two-Timing by Her Boyfriend 18 Years Older Than Her

22 Years of Hot Love Scoops: "After That Hot Love Scoop" Popular Actress and 18-Year-Old Screenwriter

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It was in April last year that the most promising actress of the moment, Sairi Ito (28), discovered her first romance. What surprised the public even more was the 18-year age difference between Ito and her partner, playwright Horai Ryuta (46). It is said that the two came close to each other suddenly when Ito played the heroine in “The Decapitated Prince and the Foolish Woman,” a play written and directed by Horai in 2009. More about the two. I would also like to look back on the details of Ito’s mature “divine response” to our direct hit, based on an article we published in April (ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

Ito after work in early March

On an evening in early April, a busy downtown area in Shibuya Ward was bustling with salarymen after work. Walking along in a navy cap and a loose-fitting shirt was Sairi Ito, 27, a popular actress who became the talk of the town after her appearance in the February season’s “Mystery, Not to Mention” (Fuji Television), a Monday 9 series.

Ito is a next-generation chameleon actress who is active in a variety of fields, including drama, narrator, and variety. He became a star with his role in the drama “Zenkaku Overseer” (Netflix). Although he often appears in supporting roles, his presence is more than that of a leading actor due to his high level of acting ability. In recent years, he has appeared in an increasing number of variety shows after his older brother Shunsuke Ito (32) made it to the finals of the M-1 Grand Prix three years in a row.

Next to Ito, who is extremely busy, was a dandy with gray hair, and the two men chatted amiably. Who is this man?

Ito and Horai head for a sushi restaurant with Mr. Horai and a woman who seems to be his friend.

It is scriptwriter Horai Ryuta (46), and although there is a 20-year age difference between the two, they are actually dating. They came close to each other suddenly in June 2009 when Ito was the heroine in the play “The Decapitated Prince and the Foolish Woman,” which was written and directed by Horai. Last summer after the play, Mr. Horai made a strong approach to her and they started dating. They have the official approval of acquaintances and others involved, such as inviting Ms. Ito as his girlfriend to a drinking party organized by Mr. Horai,” said an acquaintance of Ito.

The group entered a reasonably priced sushi restaurant, enjoyed their meal for about two hours, and left.

When we interviewed the couple on their way home, they told us that they were going back to their homepage at …….

–Sorry, this is Friday. This is Friday.

Ito: “Er, seriously, seriously. So this is what it’s like (laughter). I’m so surprised!”

–Is it true that you two are dating?

Ito “What! Why⁉hahaha. (while looking at Hourai) What should I say?

Hourai “I guess so.

–Ito: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Ito “No, no, no~ (laughing)”

–You live together, don’t you?

Hourai “How can I say such a thing ……”

Ito “I don’t know how to say that~”

Horai “It’s difficult.

Ito: “It’s a difficult part, and (blowing out laughter). (You’re (alert) so open! When you’re saying you’re great, you’re already ……. It’s not that I have to hide it because I’m not an idol, but it’s difficult to say something like that, isn’t it? It’s not that I have to hide it, but it’s difficult for me to say what my manager wants to do. The vision I have for myself and the vision my manager has for me are different.

–So you two have a close relationship?

Horai “Yes, we do.

Ito: “That’s the one I hear a lot about (laughs). After all, that’s where entertainers land, isn’t it? In that case, is it better to be just “friendly”? Because “We are friends” is already a lie. (Looking at Hourai) Tell him we are friends (laughs).

(laughs) — Did you get close to each other suddenly at the dance that Hourai worked on in June of last year?

Horai: “No, it wasn’t like that at all at that time.

Ito: “At that time, he was just an ordinary director (laughs).

Ito “At that time, he was just an ordinary director (laughs)” –Thank you for answering quite a few questions.

Horai “It’s better not to talk too much, isn’t it?”

Ito “Oh, I see! (laugh)”

(laugh) –You talked enough.

Ito “Hahaha. I can write enough (articles) (laughs). I’m glad.

–The two of you are talking and taking care of each other.

Horai “Yes, I think her work is the most important thing.

–Thank you very much!

Ito: “Sorry. It’s cold. Thank you very much. Thank you for your hard work.”

Ito looked Hourai in the eye and discussed the answer to the question, trying to answer in his own words. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, with both parties taking care of each other. After the direct interview, Ito said, “Excuse me, it’s cold. Thank you. Thank you for your hard work.” He bowed deeply to this reporter and left.

I felt I understood why Ito was so loved.

It’s not that I believe them, but I know them.”

The day after this magazine’s report, Ito admitted their relationship on SNS with the hashtag “18 years old difference,” and his brother Shunsuke tweeted miserably, “M-1 and my sister were both caught by my uncle.

However, only nine days after the initial report, Bunshun Online reported Horai’s “two-timing love. The other party was actress Tamayo Suzuki (28), who spent the night at Suzuki’s apartment the day before the initial report in this magazine. In response, Ito updated her Twitter page on the same day and wrote

It is difficult to send out a message, but as the article says, I know they are friends.”

Ito also said that it is known that Hourai and Suzuki are friends, and added, “Above all, I know Hourai.

I know Hourai more than anything else. It is not that I believe him, but I know him.

I don’t mean that I believe in him, but I know him. This comment was met with an outpouring of praise on social networking sites.

Ito plays the lead detective Mariko in the movie “The Most Tragic Day in the Life of Detective Mariko,” which is scheduled to premiere in 2011. The film had its world premiere at the Brussels International Film Festival (BIFFF) in September and won the White Raven Award in the White Raven Competition, one of the three main categories. Ito said, “I enjoyed watching it with popcorn in my hand.

I hope you enjoy watching it with a bowl of popcorn in your hand! (Official site).

(official site). (official site). We will continue to support her as she continues on her path to becoming a great actress.

Ito looks relaxed, as if she is taking a day off. She was heading downtown in the evening with a woman who seemed to be her friend and a man she was dating. ……
Ito and Hourai are smiling and talking as they head to a sushi restaurant, both wearing white shirts and black pants.
After returning home, Hourai goes shopping by bicycle. Except for the occasional drink, they went straight home to their “love nest.
  • Photo Takahiro Kagawa Ichiro Takatsuka

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