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Go Ayano and Yui Sakuma finally get married.

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Go Ayano announced his marriage to actress Yui Sakuma. Various scandals have been reported in his personal life, but…

I, Go Ayano, am pleased to announce that I have entered into marriage with Ms. Yui Sakuma.

Actor Go Ayano married actress Sakuma Yui on New Year’s Eve, and although the two have never worked together before, they have been friends for many years, and it seems that their relationship has developed into a relationship and they have reached the goal.

Go Ayano is one of the victims who have been the target of the most exposure by Yoshikazu Azumaya, a member of the House of Councilors known as “Garcy,” in the past year.

He has been hostile to Ms. Ayano and her agency, TriStone, since the days of YouTube. He had also been smelling shades of Mr. Ayano’s violent incidents, relationships with women underage, and drug use. Mr. Garcey demanded that Ms. Ayano hold an apology conference and cancel “Old Rookie,” in which he starred, which aired in June, but in the end nothing changed “in the entertainment world” and there was “no wind.

In the summer, an audio recording of a phone call between Mr. Ayano and Mr. Gershey was made public, and Mr. Ayano apologized. However, when discussions with the office president did not take place after that, Gurnsey became furious. He broke down again and declared that he would continue his exposure. As for Mr. Ayano, he put aside his pride and apologized and tried to reconcile. Behind the scenes, he wanted to avoid further exposure because of his marriage…” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Ayano did not let the “gun to her head” deter her and Sakuma from finding happiness together. In terms of work, Ayano is also starring in “Karaoke Goko! which is scheduled to be released this year.

She will also appear in a remake of the Korean film “Go to the End,” which is scheduled to be released in May. Despite all of the fuss that Congressman Gershwin is making about her, she is doing well as an entertainer, continuing to appear in commercials for Hisense.

Why was the Gershey cannon unfired?

He has not provided any concrete proof of Ayano’s revelations. He must have thought he could get away with it. Several complaints have been filed against Mr. Gershie on suspicion of intimidation, and the police have requested a voluntary interview. It is said that Gershie will return to Japan during the parliamentary session, when he has the right of non-arrest, to comply, but there are said to be a number of bigwigs who are furious. I am on edge about what will happen when he returns to Japan.” (Reporter for a women’s magazine)

Although Senator Garcy tried to bring down Ayano, he himself is in the opposite predicament.

He is a member of the upper house of the Diet, but he has not returned to Japan since he was elected to the House.

If he had not become a member of the Diet, it might not have been so much of a problem if he had continued to expose himself abroad, but since Gershey receives his annual salary as a member of the Diet, he is still urged to return to Japan to fulfill his duties when the Diet is in session.

Ayano has found happiness without incident, but what will be the fate of Senator Gershwin in 2011?

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