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The topic of the tweet…! Why does Hayashiya Pei remember the birthdays of celebrities?

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“What Pae handed to former Prime Minister Abe at the cherry blossom viewing party…

All pink, a couple smiling at each other, cameras, puns and loud laughter. …… Mr. and Mrs. Hayashiya Pae and Ms. Parko are full of strong “attributes” that make them stand out and stand out wherever they go. But there is one more attribute that Mr. Peh should not forget. “He has a birthday memory.

He has been known to tell celebrities’ birthdays on TV shows, and now he’s actually doing it on Twitter.

However, if you look at the content, you will see that there is almost no punctuation in the 140 characters, the names of Tokugawa Yoshimune, Hiruko Yoshishu, and Ito Misao are lined up, the birthday of a character from “Onimei no Blade” is celebrated, the birthdays and incidents of various celebrities are lined up, and “I hope you all had a truly depressing birthday…? ? or the date of death is written along with the birthday. …… is a chaos with a lot of unnecessary care.

(Photo: Mayumi Abe)

Why in the world would someone celebrate their birthday on Twitter? When I requested an interview with Hayashiya Pei, my editor immediately received a call from him.

He said, “Speaking of Kodansha, it’s March 30th. This is the anniversary of Sawako Noma’s death, and the date is 0△×………. It took about 15 minutes of “asides” before I received a reply on whether or not I could do the interview.

Then, on the day of the interview, Mr. Hayashiya Pei arrived at the Kodansha studio wearing all pink. He quickly explained that he wore this attire from home and said, “I’ll be careful with my asides,” and then proceeded to talk about names and incidents such as “Yutaka Ozaki’s funeral,” “when the chairman of Ikebukuro Engeijo passed away,” and “the chairman of Lions” in one breath. Let’s see, …… what are we talking about?

“This place (Kodansha) is in Gokokuji, right? Speaking of Gokokuji, everything is connected in my mind. The steamed meat buns I brought as a souvenir today were made by Mr. Kobayashi (*Shigeru Kobayashi, who went from the Giants to the Hanshin Tigers. He liked the steamed buns here). She is the mother of Hikaru Utada. Keiko Fuji is a sibling disciple of Perko.

…By the way, when did you start using Twitter?

“I started on January 22 last year. I started on January 22 last year, because a rakugo storyteller recommended it to me. But what do you care about people’s birthdays? It’s none of your business. On a side note, I love the word ‘cobblestone,’ so I mix all kinds of people together.

Photos of various celebrities often appear on Twitter. Do you have their permission?

“No! I don’t ask for permission, I just put them out there. I don’t ask permission, I just put them out.

So I try to keep a balance between my wife for the male shots and me for the female ones. The rest is basically a maniacal list of the producers, directors, agencies, production companies, managers, etc. that have helped me. One-third of the book is anime characters. For example, Sumijiro Kamon.

But it’s strange, isn’t it? (Even though it’s such a popular work, it doesn’t get any likes and doesn’t make the top 50. Doesn’t that surprise you? Isn’t it surprising?

How did Mr. Pei come to remember birthdays in the first place?

“I’m most grateful to Takada. The person I’m most grateful to is Fumio Takada. In a Fuji TV program, he said, ‘Let’s do a birthday corner just for Mr. Pei. Every week, one of Mr. Takada’s students would come in with a calendar and say, “Remember your birthday, Pei,” and we would talk about it on the show. I was dismissed if I couldn’t do it, but it became a topic of conversation.

Fuji TV announcer Shigeru Roki came to me with a thick book and said, “Pei, remember all the birthdays of Fuji TV announcers. So I remembered everyone, including the wife of announcer Kenji Fukui. I also remembered all the contractors who came and went and the old man of the soba noodle shop. That way, I could get to the bottom of it.

There was a name I didn’t know that had the same birthday as Momoe Yamaguchi, and no one knew who she was. Who is she? The director thanked me after I did that for one episode.

The director thanked me for that. He has an amazing memory. How does he remember people’s birthdays?

“To tell you the truth, it’s only the maniacs who remember them properly. The rest look at Wikipedia and write on Twitter. The difference is interesting, isn’t it? When I post old photos, the response is amazing. Ijiri Okada had a lot of old photos and new ones as well. When I first started Twitter, I got a lot of responses from people who had problems with him. His wife is a famous actress, and there was a lot of talk about her, and she has a birthday on February 1st.

Is he Masahiro Higashide?

“Higashide started Twitter on January 22, and about a week later, he got 5,000 likes. I didn’t have a photo, I just tweeted that it was my birthday, so that number is amazing. I was surprised at the third place, Nakai (Masahiro). Second place went to Hayashiya Pe, and fourth place went to Koji Miyamoto of Elekasi. The problem is Zenji Hanyu. Why are there so many responses?

In addition to Hanyu’s own popularity, there was also the fact that he was asked, “Can I take a picture of you at the Kanjani Tokyo Dome Live? “Yes! Ai Hanyu! In addition to the popularity of Mr. Hanyu himself, many people may have been attracted by the phrase, “Can I have a photo at the Tokyo Dome Live of Kanjani?

“Oh, you’re a fan of Kanjani Eight. You’re a fan of Kanjani Eight, so from now on, when you go to see someone, you can include a major. But I want to include people from the industry, because I don’t know anyone (laughs). I remember a lot of great people from Telemundo, the president of Shizuoka TV, things like that.”

Did you get any response from people in the industry when they saw your Twitter feed?

“No one has contacted me! That’s rude. A long time ago, I took the liberty of sending out a New Year’s greeting card with Governor Ishihara (Shintaro) (laughs). (laughs) I asked if it was okay, but no one ever posted it. If you ask, you might get a negative response. I take a lot of pictures, but there are many people who can’t send them out.


Takuya Kimura is playing my guitar, isn’t he? Isn’t that amazing? I’ve been in the entertainment industry for a very long time, but the only person who ever asked me if he could take my picture was (Akashiya) Mr. Sanma.

I wondered if he had ever gotten angry at me for taking his picture without permission.

“No, I never get angry. On a side note, I went to “Tsuyoshi Domoto’s DO-YA” on January 19, 1997. This was the first show that Tsuyoshi Domoto had on his own. In the old days, ABC TV in Osaka used to have a lot of programs with Nakai and Kusanagi, which was a good time when I think about it now. So I went to Osaka and took pictures of all the Japanese people.

Then, for the first time I’m going to tell you this, a producer from ABC said, “Pei-chan, you’ve come at a good time today. Mr. Janney is here. I thought Mr. Janney was a respectable person from his name, so I went to greet the man in the respectable suit, but he said, “That’s the ABC producer. (laughs) Mr. Janney wears a jumper. So I said, ‘Nice to meet you. I’m a disciple of Sanpei Hayashiya. I said, “What? When I think about it now, I wish he would have said, “Oh, you are? (laughs).


(laughs) So I took a lot of pictures, and although Janie was surprised, she didn’t get angry. I tweeted about the anniversary of Janie’s death, but there was no reaction at all. Do you know why I remember it? Because it’s Kusanagi’s birthday… (I digress)”

And then, a surprising story about our friendship (?) continued in the machine gun talk. I’m sure you know why I remember it.

“The anniversary of Mary Kitagawa’s death is August 14th. The reason I remember it is because it was the day after Parko’s birthday. When I went to a Kanjani concert, Matsuko (Deluxe) was there on the same day because she was doing “Monday to Night Fever” with Murakami. Then Matsuko-san introduced me to Keiko (Fujishima) Julie.

( Abbreviation.

I’d like to include non-entertainers as much as possible, but when I included Kim Jong-un, it was deleted. Can’t they just use names like that?

The conversation continued non-stop for more than an hour, including some last-minute discussions. I asked him if he was okay with his schedule after this.

“I said, “Sorry, but I have to make the most important aside,” and pulled out from my pink bag an original “aside” tissue and a photo as a “business card. It was a photo of the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party,” which had made headlines in weekly magazines and on the Internet, but had yet to be investigated and explained.

“Do you know what I’m doing (in this photo)? It was around the time the TPP bill was passed, and the first thing I said was, ‘Prime Minister, we are also in the TPP. I said, ‘Prime Minister, we are also for the TPP, because I am a tissue-paper-paper girl,’ and gave him a tissue. Then I gave him a tissue and he loved it. As a side note, I received a signed piece of paper in return. Shinzo Abe is controversial, but isn’t this surprising?

“Prime Minister, we are also for the TPP. “Prime Minister, we’re also for the TPP, because we’re tissue-paper-paper kids.

After that, the tangents continued. The interview was overwhelmed by his amazing memory and his “ability to digress.

For Hayashiya Pei’s Twitter, click here.

  • Interviewed and written by Wakako Tago

    Born in 1973. After working for a publishing company and an advertising production company, she became a freelance writer. In addition to interviewing actors for weekly and monthly magazines, she writes drama columns for various media. JUMP 9 no Tobira ga Openitoki" (both published by Earl's Publishing).

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